pinit fg en rect gray 20   2010 Mankind BMX Frames

2010 mankind bmx frames   2010 Mankind BMX Frames

If your looking for the new 2010 Mankind BMX Frames, then look no more! Available in the Mankind 2010 Frames are Mankind Mellow, Mankind Archangel 3.0, Mankind Neworld 2.0, Mankind Forward 2.0, Mankind Justice, and Mankind Alive 2.0. Most are designed around Flatland BMX, and some Street frames, with the top tube lower for you to move around. Click below to see the rest, plus the specifications. Via TransWorld.

Mankind Alive 2.0 BMX Frame
Specifically made around Flatland, the Mankind Alive 2.0 has changed for 2010, but still features removable u-brake mounts and guides, and MK bridges on chain and seat stays. Available in white, raw, clear red, and matte black. Weighing in at 4.08 pounds.

Mankind Forward 2.0 BMX Frame
On to Jeff Klugiewicz’s frame, the Forward 2.0 2010 has also decreased in size with a 34.0mm TT diameter, removable U-Brake mounts…

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