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2012 Stereo Bikes Treble BMX Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Stereo Bikes Treble BMX Bike

2012 stereo bikes treble bmx bike   2012 Stereo Bikes Treble BMX Bike

Now available in the third generation is a BMX bike from Stereo Bikes for 2012 called the Treble. For 2012, the Treble will be brakeless. It will also feature removable brake mounts and Stereo logo slim padded seats.

The Treble will get new Stereo logo headtube plates like all of the bikes in the Stereo Bikes 2012 range. Its frame features chromoly main tubes and 20.75” TT/13.20” CS. Moreover, its integrated seat clamp comes with cut logo on seatbridge and cable guides.

A high-quality expert level street bike, the 2012 Stereo Bikes Treble BMX Bike is an ideal machine for the pro rider. Other features include a tapered Stereo Mono fork and slim shaped Stereo AC bars, which are both 100% chromoly.

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2012 Stereo Bikes Wire BMX Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Stereo Bikes Wire BMX Bike

2012 stereo bikes wire bmx bike   2012 Stereo Bikes Wire BMX Bike

For 2012, Stereo Bikes has released a nice BMX bike called Wire. Not only is this BMX bike solid as chromo parts were used where necessary in the bike, the bike is very stylish as well. This time, the new Wire comes with removable brake mounts.

Like all other bikes in the Stereo 2012 range, the Wire gets a new Stereo head tube logo plate. Other new features include a Stereo slim padded seat design with a higher standover, slim shape Stereo AC bars, and a seat bridge.

Excellent in quality and aesthetics, the 2012 Stereo Bikes Wire BMX Bike is definitely a must-have machine. Also featured by its frame are chromoly main tubes, integrated seat clamp, and cable guides. Its tapered Stereo Mono fork is 100% chromoly as well.

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2012 Verde Radia BMX Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Verde Radia BMX Bike

2012 verde radia bmx bike   2012 Verde Radia BMX Bike

Getting a revamp for 2012 is the Radia BMX bike from Verde. The new model will be having larger 8.5″ bars, new Stunner LO`s 2.25″ tires, and a KMC 710SL Chain. Both the low flange female front hub and 9t female cassette from Cinema has fully sealed bearings.

Featured by Radia’s Full 4130 frame are removable brake mounts and Verde’s very own investment cast headtube. In order to achieve a more dependable and solid ride, both the tapered forks and 8.5″ rise bars are built from 100% chromo. Maximum durability is offered by the heat treated 4130 crank set.

With top-quality components, the 2012 Verde Radia BMX Bike is one of the best expert level street BMX machines on the market today. Excellent components from Duo are the aftermarket pivotal seat, grips, plastic pedals and tires. Other features are double-walled Cinema 777 rims and Reynolds 520 Downtube.

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2012 Verde Vex OG BMX Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Verde Vex OG BMX Bike

2012 verde vex og bmx bike   2012 Verde Vex OG BMX Bike

Part of the range of Verde BMX bikes upgraded for 2012 is the Vex OG. Included in the new upgrades of the Vex OG are the stem, colored spokes and nipples, anodized front and rear rims, a fully sealed female bolt front hub, Cinema 333 rims, Duo 2.25″ tires, and Duo barends.

As compared to the Eon model, the Vex OG is more chromoly for a lighter, stronger machine with dope color matched spokes. On the front of its frame is an integrated head tube that allows for a tidy-looking print. Other dependable components are CNC stem and Pivotal seat post.

Also featured by the 2012 Verde OG BMX Bike frame are Verde’s new Investment cast, a full chromo front triangle, and a built-in seat clamp. This affordable intermediate level bike also features a chromo steerer tube tapered fork and 100% chromo 8.5” rise handlebars.

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2012 Verde Theory BMX Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Verde Theory BMX Bike

2012 verde theory bmx bike   2012 Verde Theory BMX Bike

Verde has released a mid-level street bike called the Theory as a part of the company’s low-to-mid price range for 2012. The Theory features a chromoly front triangle frame, a heat-treated investment cast headtube, and removable brake mounts.

Featured by this BMX bike is a chromoly steerer and tapered legs. Other features include sealed three-piece cranks, a sealed female axle front hub, and a semi-sealed 9t cassette hub with 25t-t gearing.

Not only is it in theory; the 2012 Verde Theory BMX Bike is virtually stable as well. Included in the list of excellent components are after-market Cinema 777 double-walled rims, Kevlar Verde seat, and Duo grips, pedals, and Duo Stunner tires.

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2011 Eastern Axis BMX Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Eastern Axis BMX Bike

2011 eastern axis bmx bike   2011 Eastern Axis BMX Bike

A professional-grade BMX bike, the 2011 Eastern Axis is made with the bigger or more experienced riders in mind. This BMX bike also features a long top tube for taller riders. With a nice and light build, the Axis is easy to get up in the air and uphill.

With its amazing strength, the Axis can take a lot of abuse without distorting the rims or the frame. For freestyling, the bike is maneuverable enough and guarantees a comfortable ride both on the trail and on streets. Aesthetically, the bike’s paint is classy and eye-catching.

Finest components make the 2011 Eastern Axis BMX Bike a top-tier unit. These reliable parts include a low-boy seatpost clamp, which allows for a shorter seatpost. Thanks to its wide bottom bracket, strength is increased making unwanted spaces and replacement brake mounts not necessary.

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2011 Haro 124 BMX Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Haro 124 BMX Bike

2011 haro 124 bmx bike   2011 Haro 124 BMX Bike

One of the hottest BMX bikes in 2011 is the Haro 124. With an aggressive geometry, this 24” wheeled BMX bike helps riders tackle various terrains with ease such as streets, parks, and dirt jumps.

For a rider who is new to BMX or has not been into it for a long time, the 24” wheel offers enhanced stability. This extra stability is a great aid to such riders for staying off the ground and always on two wheels.

A bike’s not meant for the pro BMX rider, the 2011 Haro 124 is foolproof from the attaching of the handlebars, the front wheel, the pedals and the saddle and maintaining balance in tough terrains. Haro’s great components include plastic pedals, three-piece chromoly cranks, and a slim saddle with a steel seat post.

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