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2012 Mongoose Logo BMX Bike

2012 mongoose logo bmx bike   2012 Mongoose Logo BMX Bike

After being the best-seller of Mongoose Bikes for 2011, the BMX bike called Logo is back for 2012 with the same popular topnotch quality for entry-level riders. Its state-of-the-art features include its plastic pedals, alloy rims, and small sprocket.

Featured by the updated Hi-Ten frame of the Logo is a 20.25in top tube and a Hi-Ten, 1 1/8in fork. What makes the Logo very popular is its pro level systems, which BMX beginners want as a standard. The bike also has a mixture of style that provides all that is needed by riders who are getting started with BMX riding.

Although labeled as an entry-level BMX bike for 2012, the 2012 Mongoose Logo BMX Bike is full of features from models of much higher levels. One major feature of this BMX bike is its gear system, which allows for significantly less weight and a shorter chain.

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2012 Stolen Saint 24in BMX Bike

2012 stolen saint 24in bmx bike   2012 Stolen Saint 24in BMX Bike

Stolen Bikes has introduced its special edition of a 24in BMX bike called Saint for 2012. With carefully selected components, this new BMX bike offers not only reliable quality but simple and cool aesthetics, as well.

Featuring a larger frame with larger wheels, the Saint makes it easier to cruise. Low maintenance and long-lasting quality are guaranteed by its modern parts, which include aftermarket Cell Block handle bars and micro gearing.

Built from a high-quality frame, the 2012 Stolen Saint 24in BMX Bike only weighs approximately 12kg. Its 100% chromoly main frame comes with 100% chromoly Cyclone fork, MID BB shell, Campy head tube, integrated seat clamp, and mini 5mm dropouts.

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2012 Felt Fuse Hibachi BMX Bike

2012 felt fuse hibachi bmx bike   2012 Felt Fuse Hibachi BMX Bike

For kids and teenagers who are fond of BMX riding, Felt Bicycles has released a new BMX bike called Fuse Hibachi for 2012. This new BMX bike has some nice accessories, which include an FB Velcro cable strap, built-in chain tensioners, and one pair of 36mm pegs.

Featured by the 100% cr-mo frame of the Fuse Hibachi are removable brake bosses and cable guides. Also 100% cr-mo, its fork features 3/8in axle slots, tapered legs, and a butted steer tube. Its wheelset has Alex DM24 doublewall 36H rims, Felt Park Avenue and Trailorpark tires.

Built from a fully cr-mo frame, fork, and 8.25in rise handlebars with a 21in top tube, the 2012 Felt Fuse Hibachi BMX Bike is ideal for little BMX riders. Its high-quality components include an aluminum post, FB Pivotal saddle, Tektro brake, Salt Bodo lever, and Odyssey Linear cables.

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2012 Ruption Pulse 16in BMX Bike

2012 ruption pulse 16in bmx bike   2012 Ruption Pulse 16in BMX Bike

New from Ruption Bikes for 2012 is a 16in BMX bike called Pulse. Built from Hi Tensile strength 1020 steel frame and fork, this BMX bike for kids takes pride in its strength and high quality. It also comes with 36-spoke tough alloy wheels.

With 16in wheels, this compact BMX machine is small yet very strong. It is coolly styled to allow little riders stay in style while honing their BMX skills. Its child-friendly features include an Ruption ultra slim seat, Krayton Rubber grips, and Wellgo plastic freestyle pedals.

Carefully and nicely designed, the 2012 Ruption Pulse 16in BMX Bike is perfect for little riders who are about to enter the BMX world. Also featured by the Ruption are one-piece 140mm cranks, 16T freewheel, and a Ruption 33T steel sprocket.

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2012 Blank Buddy 16in BMX Bike

2012 blank buddy 16in bmx bike   2012 Blank Buddy 16in BMX Bike

Since 2004, Blank Bikes has been creating state-of-the-art BMX bikes, and for 2012, it has released several new ones. One of these new bikes is designed with smaller riders in mind. Named Buddy, this 16in bike is created for riders who are still not big enough for an 18in or 20in BMX.

lipoma natural treatmentBMX rides can be really enjoyable with the Buddy for children who are too little for a full-size BMX bike. Thanks to its Hi-Tensile strength 1020 steel frame that is designed to make this 16in BMX bike really easy to handle. Its improved parts include Blank mini grips and one-piece 140mm cranks.

As its name implies, the 2012 Blank Buddy 16in BMX Bike is the ideal partner for kids who are eager to enter the BMX world. Aside from its affordable price, the Buddy also features an amazing aesthetics with its color-coded parts and its…

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2012 Blank Diablo BMX Bike

2012 blank diablo bmx bike   2012 Blank Diablo BMX Bike

Blank Bikes has unveiled the top model of its new range of BMX bikes for 2012. This top-of-the-range bike called Diablo has some great updates to pride itself on. First off, this bike offers an enhanced power against slogs and wear, thanks to its half link chain.

Completely built from chromoly steel, the lightweight frame, fork, handlebars, and cranks of the Diablo are really hard to break. Moreover, these chromoly steel parts are proven to last for several years. Thus, this cost-effective machine offers the performance that is as close as that of a pro bike.
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All the bearings on the 2012 Blank Diablo BMX Bike are sealed. This means that the rider gets the smoothest rolling possible, making the ride perfectly hassle-free. Lastly, the Diablo comes in black with red details, making it a quite good-looking BMX machine.

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2012 Blank Vision BMX Bike

2012 blank vision bmx bike   2012 Blank Vision BMX Bike

Built from a high-class hi-ten frame, all the BMX bikes in the new range released by Blank Bikes for 2012 guarantee a reliable quality. These BMX bikes feature Blank Stencil one-piece seat and post combo and 1 1/8in Ahead Gyro. One of the models in this 2012 BMX range is the Vision.

While the Vision is not as popular as the other models in the 2012 Blank BMX bikes range, it features the same parts that offer high quality. These first-rate parts include 20.5in top tube, Alloy U-Brakes, Blank Compact 55mm front loaded stem, and Blank Compound forks and 7.75in bars.
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The 2012 Blank Vision BMX Bike can be considered the competition underdog but its great quality and performance must not be underestimated. For riders who have been in the BMX scene and are looking for a new bike to handle their increasing riding requirements, this is the…

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