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2012 Mongoose Kos Kruiser BMX Bike

2012 mongoose kos kruiser bmx bike   2012 Mongoose Kos Kruiser BMX Bike

For 2012, Mongoose Bikes has reintroduced a lot of its high-end BMX Bikes, one of which is the Kos Kruiser. While maintaining its classic retro style, this nice-looking bike has been updated to further enhance its already dependable quality.

Included in the cool upgrades of the Kos Kruiser are its ACS freewheel and the motomag sprocket. Its 26in 100% 4130 chromoly triple-butted frame comes with a three-piece tubular 48-spline crank and a fork that are both full chromoly.

For those who love to smash the parks like a pro, the 2012 Mongoose Kos Kruiser BMX Bike is the ideal companion. As it is named after the legendary cruiser Jeff Kosmala, this reputable BMX bike is designed to offer an award-winning performance.

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2012 Mongoose Fraction BMX Bike

2012 mongoose fraction bmx bike   2012 Mongoose Fraction BMX Bike

As one of the good-looking BMX bikes of Mongoose Bikes, the Fraction comes back in a smooth grey paintwork for 2012. With its chromo parts and specs from leading brands, this is one of the best BMX models in the latest range of Mongoose Bikes.

With its carefully selected parts that make it very versatile, the Fraction is suitable both for high-level pro riders and BMX beginners. With its chromo frame, fork, handlebars, and cranks, this BMX bike offers low weight and award-winning performance and it can endure years of intense rides.

With its KMC, Odyssey, and Sun branded parts, the 2012 Mongoose Fraction BMX Bike is definitely one of the best bikes on the BMX market today. These brands not only offer the highest-quality BMX parts but also help make high-end BMX bikes affordable.
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2012 Eastern Battery Freestyle BMX Bike

2012 eastern battery freestyle bmx bike   2012 Eastern Battery Freestyle BMX Bike
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For freestyle BMX riders, Eastern Bikes has launched one of its best new offerings for 2012, the Battery. What this entry-level BMX bike guarantees is high quality. It also offers all the features that are necessary for beginners.

With a tough high-tensile strength 1020 steel frame and fork, the Battery can tackle hard knocks that first-time BMX riders are prone to. Other major features include its durable, strong, and stiff forged chromoly 3-piece cranks and grippy and lightweight Eastern Crown pedals.

Built with pro-level quality, the 2012 Eastern Battery Freestyle BMX Bike is one of the best machines in the BMX world today. But as compared to pro BMX bikes, the steel tubing of the Battery is heavier, making it easier for beginners to handle.

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2012 Eastern Nitrous Piston BMX Bike

2012 eastern nitrous piston bmx bike   2012 Eastern Nitrous Piston BMX Bike

Eastern Bikes, a popular brand for some of the best pro-level BMX bikes on the market, has released another exciting BMX bike called Nitrous Piston for 2012. This new machine is specifically designed for those who are still learning to BMX.

While designed with beginners in mind, the Nitrous Piston has the quality and attention to detail that is featured by the bikes of factory pros. Highlights of its beginner-friendly features include its incredibly rugged high-tensile steel frame and fork.

Also Real viagra online without prescription featured by the 2012 Eastern Nitrous Piston BMX Bike is some bombproof components. These excellent bombproof components include its one-piece chromoly crankset, stem, handlebar, and alloy wheels. This BMX bike weighs in at 11.7kg.

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2012 Fit Bike Co Van Homan Signature BMX Bike

2012 fit bike co van homan signature bmx bike   2012 Fit Bike Co Van Homan Signature BMX Bike

Fit Bike Co has successfully replicated Van Homan’s BMX bike and released the new model for 2012. Designed with professional BMX riders in mind, this machine has amazing components and a compact 27/9 gearing, which delivers outstanding high power.

With CrMo frame, fork, bar, and cranks, the Van Homan signature BMX bike is incredibly strong and stiff but is still lightweight. Moreover, the combination of the bike’s FAF and Duo Stunner tires offer excellent grip.

Incredibly smooth braking and spin are also offered by the 2012 Fit Bike Co Van Homan Signature BMX Bike, thanks to its precision sealed bearings and its Odyssey GTX-R gyro detangler, which is the most lightweight pro-level model on the market today.

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2012 Fit Bike Co Justin Inman Signature BMX Bike

2012 fit bike co justin inman signature bmx bike   2012 Fit Bike Co Justin Inman Signature BMX Bike

For BMX riders who want to ride like a pro, the perfect choice is the new Justin Inman signature bike that has been unveiled by Fit Bike Co for 2012. Using the excellent strength to weight ratio of CrMo, this sturdy BMX machine is bend and break-proof, but it does not weigh the rider down.

Featured by this signature bike are a strong yet lightweight full CrMo frame and fork. Its CrMo bar comes with tubular CrMo cranks, as well. This BMX also takes pride in its FAF tires, which guarantee an outstanding grip, and Tektro alloy U-brake, which offers all the needed stopping power all.

Loaded with top-quality components, the 2012 Fit Bike Co Justin Inman Signature BMX Bike is the choice of numerous BMX pros. The great-looking smooth design of the bike’s Lo-Bolt Kevlar Pivotal seat has comfortable cushioning that does not make the seat too bulky.

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2012 Mongoose Program BMX Bike

2012 mongoose program bmx bike   2012 Mongoose Program BMX Bike

Included in the upgraded bikes of Mongoose Bikes for 2012 is the BMX machine called Program. Mongoose Bikes has been known for loading a bike with an extensive list of topnotch parts and components and that is exactly what it did with this new version of Program.

Aside from its Hi-Ten frame and Odyssey sealed BB and parts, the new Program’s Hi-Ten handlebars and front load stem, as well as its full chromoly cranks, are updated. Its color options, which include matte black and eggplant, make this BMX machine look great.

Featuring several innovative upgrades, the 2012 Mongoose Program BMX Bike is perfect for the pro riders who are looking for new exciting BMX features. Moreover, riders can have this stylish high-quality BMX bike without breaking the bank.

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