pinit fg en rect gray 20   Blood Doping Involves Dutch Cyclists

blood doping involves dutch cyclists 218x300   Blood Doping Involves Dutch Cyclists
As per Dutch media dispatch, three athletes, all Dutchmen, are alleged to be into Human Plasma doping. Under investigation by the Austrian National Anti-Doping Agency are about 30 athletes for blood doping violations.

The Dutch National Anti-Doping Agency said that the names of the three Dutch athletes involved are being withheld pending the investigation as announced by Herman Ram of the DNADA saying that, “cyclists play an important role in the dossier.”

Ram confirmed that following the investigation, necessary disciplinary measures and actions will be implemented. Formerly facing inquiry on this case were Michael Boogerd, Thomas Dekker and Michael Rasmussen of Rabobank.

The nature of the violation from 2003 to 2006 was Human Plasma transfusion among athletes. The 2008 Tour de France drug scandal was focused on Bernhard Kohl, a rider for Gerolsteiner. He confessed the involvement of Stefan Matschiner, his former manager, after he tested positive for CERA.

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