pinit fg en rect gray 20   Easy Drying With ZeroGoo Bladder Dryer

easy drying with zerogoo dryer   Easy Drying With ZeroGoo Bladder Dryer

The ZeroGoo BladderDryer was designed to dry wet bladders before storage, thus eliminating grime build up and bacteria. Here’s how it works:

Like the cap on a bladder, the ZeroGoo Bladder Dryer easily screws onto the bladder. Then powered on, the blower inflates the empty bladder with cool air that the dryer pumps out. After the bladder has been dried, it is ready for safe storage.

The concept of this product is great, but testing revealed that it could be improved upon.

Because bladders are composed of hard-to-dry plastic materials, The ZeroGoo Dryer had a modest effect on the drying process after 30 minutes. A dry bladder is difficult to achieve without heat because cool air doesn’t efficiently evaporate water.

Now, we can’t say that the Bladder Dryer should produce the heat of a hair dryer because we don’t know what effects heat can have on materials that bladders are made…

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