pinit fg en rect gray 20   Biketoberfest Marin 2010 Recap

biketoberfest marin 2010 recap   Biketoberfest Marin 2010 Recap

On October 16th, the 2010 Marin County Biketoberfest took place from 11 am to 6 pm. The small town of fairfax not only brought out locals but people throughout California—and in some cases other states.

In true Oktoberfest form, Biketoberfest had live bands, unlimited beer for $25 and all types of foods (not included in the $25 beer fee) that could easily make anyone salivate.

Some of the companies in attendance were CamelBak, Chrome, and Pivot/BH. One of the more impressive booths was a boot full of vintage cruisers that brought many cyclists back to their childhoods.

With the weather near perfect, the 2010 Biketoberfest was a fun-filled event to enjoy with family and friends.

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