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2012 Look Cycle 920 Full Suspension Marathon Bike

2012 look cycle 986 race ready carbon hardtail   2012 Look Cycle 920 Full Suspension Marathon Bike

One of the new full suspension marathon bikes for 2012 is the 920 from Look Cycle. Aside from its innovative head tube design, this full susser features carbon seat stays built to flex up to 15mm to reduce a heavy pivot on the swing arm that triggers the shock through a short rocker linkage.

Made from full high modulus carbon fiber, the 2350g frame features post mount disc brake mounts for 160mm rotors and aluminum downtube protection. Other features include an integrated A-Stem stem, four reversible brackets, and front triangle and a swing arm made of carbon VHM 3K.

Ideal for marathon and all-day cross-country riders, the 2012 Look Cycle 920 Full Suspension Marathon Bike gets 120mm of front and rear travel that offers versatility. Lighter than 100mm of travel, 120mm is the modern reference for cross-country.

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2012 Kona Mahuna 29er Bike

2012 kona mahuna 29er bike   2012 Kona Mahuna 29er Bike

Kona has designed a new reasonably priced entry-level mountain bike called the Mahuna for 2012. This inch-wheel hardtail is ideal for riders who want to jump on the big-wheel bandwagon. Taking pride in its Kona Race Light 7005, this Kona is lightweight in weight and geared for performance.

To produce thicker tubes at weld areas and at vital parts of the frame, Race Light 7005 uses custom butting. This also provides the rider with unbelievable strength and torsional reliability. Speed and stiffness are perfectly balanced by removing wall thickness in some parts of the frame.

With 7005 aluminum butted tubing and 29er geometry, the 2012 Kona Mahuna 29er Bike is designed to keep things simple yet exciting. Moreover, its carefully selected topnotch components make it one of the most durable 29er machines on the market today.

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2011 Niner RIP 9 Bike

2011 niner rip 9 bike   2011 Niner RIP 9 Bike

A head angle slackened by a degree is one of the changes made in the 2011 Niner RIP 9 bike in order to enhance the capabilities of the RIP to tackle downhill trails.

The slacker head angle of the new RIP is of 70.5º (120mm fork) to 69.5º (140mm fork). Riders can achieve even steeper or slacker angles thanks to the upgrade to an aftermarket Cane Creek Angleset. This means a range from 72º (120mm fork) to 68º (140mm fork), making a very versatile frame, ideal for dialing in to best tackle local trails.

Other new features of the 2011 Niner RIP 9 bike include an overt 140mm fork endorsement, hot Tamale red color, and Zero Stack headset standard. These changes make this new version of the RIP bike a great buy….

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2011 Trek 1.2 Compact Bike

2011 trek 1 2 compact bike   2011 Trek 1.2 Compact Bike

Affordable, the 2011 Trek 1.2 Compact bike takes pride in its advanced features. Such features include the aluminum frame with a racer-friendly set up. Bontrager and Shimano provided the 2011 Trek 1.2 Compact with a competitive carbon fork and components, too.

With the Bontrager approved carbon fork, the Trek 1.2 Compact is lighter and stronger than its rivals. On the other hand, its Shimano gears allow for fast and impeccable changes. While the quality of the Trek 1.2 Compact is enhanced, its sporty feel is not compromised.

In terms of aesthetics, the 2011 Trek 1.2 Compact bike sports a beautiful bold white frame. Aside from that, the Trek 1.2 features a lot of stylish blue detailing on various components, which includes the cable wrapping. As a whole, it looks like a racing road bike that is worth a spot in every rider’s collection….

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Paparazzi on a Bike Crashes into Anne Hathaway’s Car

paparazzi on a bike crashes into anne hathaways car   Paparazzi on a Bike Crashes into Anne Hathaways Car

The paparazzi are very clever when it comes to locking down those photos of celebs, using whatever kind of transportation they can. It now seems as if they’re using bikes, and may need to try out some training wheels first. Hollywood reports say that a paparazzo on a bike crashed into star Anne Hathaway’s car, a black Audi, that was being driven by her boyfriend Adam Shulman. Steve Whitmore, Sheriff’s spokesman, told the LA Times that the photographer was riding a Viola 24-speed and was moving “way too fast.” The man was later identified as Freddy Ferraro, and he left the scene before cops arrived. He had with him a high-end camera with a large telephoto lens….

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Trek-Livestrong Bike Stolen from Mellow Johnny’s

trek livestrong bike stolen from mellow johnnys   Trek Livestrong Bike Stolen from Mellow Johnnys

Over the course of this past weekend, somebody made off with a Trek-Livestrong time trial bike from Lance Armstrong’s Mellow Johnny’s bike shop in Austin, TX. The Trek Equinox TTX XL was ridden by team member Ryan Baumann in the 2009 season. Ted Arnold, the store’s sales manager, said that the store was broken into early Sunday, but they didn’t think anything was stolen at first. He ended up counting photos taken by Velo News and realized that Baumann’s bike was missing. The stolen bike features custom-painted Bontrager Aero bars, with Baumann’s name on the top tube. It also sports a Bontrager front wheel and Zipp disc rear. The bike is owned by Trek, and is worth about $10,000. The shop will use Twitter to try and recover the bike, as Ted Arnold says, much like Lance Armstrong used it to recover his…

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Cinelli x Mash SF 2010 Fixed Gear

Cinelli x Mash SF 2010   Cinelli x Mash SF 2010 Fixed Gear

Mash, a group of riders, photographers, designers, and messengers from the West Coast, became cult-famous after the release of their film MASH. Teaming up with Cinelli, Mash has created the Cinelli x Mash SF 2010 Fixed Gear. This bike is built for speed, with a stiff, reactive frame made with Columbus Altec triple butted tubes. The geometry is quite aggressive, with a negative front slope from 2.5″ to 4.5″. The Cinelli x Mash SF 2010 Fixed Gear features CNC machined aluminum dropouts. The artwork was designed by Benny Gold, a renowned surf and skateboard designer. The Cinelli x Mash SF 2010 Fixed Gear has been drilled for a front brake, but it comes plugged and painted. It comes in sizes 50, 53, 55, and 58cm.

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