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2012 Charge Filter Hi Cyclocross Bike

2012 charge filter hi cyclocross bike   2012 Charge Filter Hi Cyclocross Bike

For riders who want a cyclocross bike that is not only neat and functional but also fun and fashionable, the new Filter Hi released by Charge Bikes for 2012 is perfect. What makes this bike an unparalleled cyclocross machine is its excellent combination of state-of-the-art components and classy aesthetics.

In collaboration with Tange, a reputable tubing maker, Charge Bikes was able to make the Filter Hi as durable as possible. Equipped with specifically selected components, the bike can help racers ride with confidence thanks to its Tange Infinity chromo tubing as well as its Shimano Tiagra gearing.

Matching the high-class components of the 2012 Charge Filter Hi Cyclocross Bike is its unique and stylish look. This highly functional but uncomplicated machine helps riders, whatever sort of cycling they are into, stand out in terms of fashion and performance.

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2012 Cervelo P2 Ultegra Triathlon/Time Trial Bike

2012 cervelo p2 ultegra triathlon time trial bike   2012 Cervelo P2 Ultegra Triathlon/Time Trial Bike

Cervelo has released its popular triathlon/time trial bike called P2 Ultegra for 2012. With a reputation for being a two-time winner of Ironman Hawaii, this easy-to-use bike offers an incredible package of pro level triathlon/time trial performance, great quality, and reasonable price.

Aside from reducing drag resistance, the aerodynamic design of the P2 Ultegra increases speed. It is equipped with excellent components, including the handy rearwheel cutout, higher headtube, narrow TrueAero tubeset, and internal CableStop (ICS).

Having a unique triathlon geometry with a two-postion seatpost, the 2012 Cervelo P2 Ultegra Triathlon/Time Trial Bike perfectly fits almost all types of riders. With its perfect fit, the bike guarantees a fast and comfortable ride as well as excellent handling and stiffness.

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2012 Bianchi Zurigo Cyclocross Bike

2012 bianchi zurigo cyclocross bike   2012 Bianchi Zurigo Cyclocross Bike

Another new machine that is bred for cyclocross racing is the Zurigo, which is released by Bianchi for 2012. Though made from hydroformed 7000 series aluminum rather than carbon fiber, the machine has all the same details of performance. Its build kit is made of a full 10-speed drivetrain from SRAM Rival.

Although the ovalized top tube of the bike is usually overlooked, this detail is very important. A wider cross section is created by squashing this top tube in the vertical plane so it is more comfortable to shoulder the bike. Mud and grime is kept by the top tube cable routing from coating the cables.

While it is an excellent race bike, the 2012 Bianchi Zurigo Cyclocross Bike is also a suitable machine for commuting and trainings under foul weather. The bike features stability and comfort in various conditions, where any comfort is considered a luxury, thanks…

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2012 Genesis Day 01 Alfine 8 Cyclocross Bike

2012 genesis day 01 alfine 8 cyclocross bike   2012 Genesis Day 01 Alfine 8 Cyclocross Bike

A machine that offers great versatility is the 01 Alfine 8. It is one of the best cyclocross bikes introduced by Genesis Bikes for 2012. Featuring a Reynolds 520 steel frame, the bike comes with cyclocross-based geometry that comes with an option of either hub gear or single speed.

As a wider-ranging700c bike, the Day 01 Alfine 8 is equipped with state-of-the-art components that enable it to tackle various terrains very well. Along with the comfortable and reliable Reynolds 520 cromo steel frame and fork are drop bars that further enhance ride comfort and efficiency.

From exciting epic rides to regular commuting, the 2012 Genesis Day 01 Alfine 8 Cyclocross Bike is the machine to trust. In order to tackle the dirt with ease, the bike also features both 8-speed gearing and braking, which are strategically placed.

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2012 Genesis Croix De Fer Cyclocross Bike

2012 genesis croix de fer cyclocross bike   2012 Genesis Croix De Fer Cyclocross Bike

Released by Genesis Bikes is its latest cyclocross bike called Croix De Fer. This new bike is especially constructed for riders who are looking for a beautiful all-weather cross-terrain riding machine. Featured by the bike is a first-class Reynolds 725 steel frame with a chromo fork.

To reduce weight and drag and enhance speed, the bike is loaded with high-quality Shimano Tiagra components, which include shifters, front and rear mech, front and rear hubs, and chain. Other features are Avid BB-7 front and rear brakes, Hollowtech bottom bracket, and Continental Cyclocross tires.

Excellently modified and highly versatile, the 2012 Genesis Croix De Fer Cyclocross Bike owes its nice changes to the proposals made by Vin Cox, holder of a Guiness World cyclocross record. While it tackles summer singletrack rides well, this road bike also does well in winter climates.

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2012 Specialized Rockhopper XC Hardtail Bike

2012 specialized rockhopper xc hardtail bike   2012 Specialized Rockhopper XC Hardtail Bike

For riders who are looking for a XC hardtail bike, Specialized has released the 2012 Rockhopper. Even the roughest trail can be tackled with lightweight confidence, thanks to its fully butted M4 alloy frame along with its light but durable and tough double-walled alloy rims.

What riders will definitely love about the Rockhopper is that it combines great value and performance. This is because the bike is equipped with excellent but affordable components, including the Tektro disc brakes as well as a SR Suntour suspension fork, which is custom-tuned and comes with a lockout.

Constructed to perfectly tackle the demands of singletrack and road cruises, the 2012 Specialized Rockhopper XC Hardtail Bike is a must-have. For various conditions, Specialized used a state-of-the-art knob pattern from The Captain Sport tires.

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2012 Fuji Cross 1.0 Cyclocross Bike

2012 fuji cross 1 0 cyclocross bike   2012 Fuji Cross 1.0 Cyclocross Bike

One of the exciting machines included in the 2012 range of cyclocross bikes released by Fuji Bikes is the Cross 1.0. Featured by its high-quality A2-SL aluminum frame is a FC-440 cross carbon monocoque fork, which comes with a tapered steerer. Its oversized seat tube measures in at 34.9mm.

In terms of shape, the frame of the Cross 1.0 is similar to that of a road bicycle. This means that the rider can enjoy amazing comfort while staying in a position, which is both aggressive and rapid. Along with its 20-speed flight deck compatibility is a combo of Shimano Ultegra STI brake and shifter.

Ideal for riders who are looking for a very comfortable and high-performance machine is the 2012 Fuji Cross 1.0 Cyclocross Bike. For a mudguard, there are eyelets on the bike’s front fork. Moreover, on the rear of its frame, there is a pair that works…

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