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Ridekick Bike Trailer

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Ridekick Bike Trailer

ridekick bike trailer 253x300   Ridekick Bike Trailer

The Ridekick Bike Trailer was designed to be an electric powered carrier that can boost your ride as well as allow you to store items in its compartment. You can also control the speed of the bike trailer with a digital hand throttle. The Ridekick can give you a maximum speed of up to 19mph.

The controller for the bike trailer has a microprocessor for programming and a scrolling diagnostic display. It is simple to hitch and unhitch on your bike and weighs 18.1kg. The storage shell can be upgraded as an option. It is weatherproof, secure and has a capacity of carrying 45.4kg cargo.

The Ridekick comes with a 500 watt motor, SLA 24 volt battery whcih weighs 18.8lbs and a charger. The electric bike trailer can power up a bike for up to 15 miles on one charge alone….

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2011 Surly Bike Trailer

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Surly Bike Trailer

2011 surly bike trailer 300x105   2011 Surly Bike Trailer

Surly Bikes offers its latest frame-hitch Trailer. Made from the TIG-welded 4130 Cro Moly steel, the Surly Trailer is sturdy and durable for all your required hauling tasks. The 304 stainless steel, which is corrosion and rust resistant, guarantees its longetivity.

The beds have threaded eyelets that easily bolt for down decking. The hitch system is made to fit any cargo bike and does not clamp to the frame tubes of the bike. It operates with full suspension frames, disc brakes, rear racks and fenders, which could be adjusted and compatible to hub widths from 120-145mm and could be streamlined with the center line of the trailer and bike.

The Surly Trailer wheels are 16”, which help keep the cargo lower to the ground for the smooth rolling of its 1.95” stout tires on doubled-wall stainless eyelets rims. It has stainless steel spokes with radial lacing. The colors available are silver…

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