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2011 De Soto 400 Mile Bike Short

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 De Soto 400 Mile Bike Short

2011 de soto 400 mile bike short1   2011 De Soto 400 Mile Bike Short

Featuring the Forza Compressor fabric and double legband, the 2011 De Soto 400 Mile is an ideal bike short for training and racing. Even without any leg grippers, the bike short is kept in place. Comfort is guaranteed by the 400-Mile™ pad floats and stretches, the famous features from De Soto.

Along with the 400-Mile™ Pad are the contrast flatstitch, curvilinear™ seamlines, and drawstring elastic waist, making the bike short an affordable and comfortable triathlon garment. To avoid irritation and rashes while riding, the stretchy pad follows every movement of the skin.

With Carrera™ Piqué Abdomen panel, this 11-panel bike short holds the rider’s midsection and provides an enhanced breathability in front. The 2011 De Soto 200 Mile Bike Short provides incredible support to the rider’s quadriceps and hamstrings.

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2011 Alpinestars MTB Shorts

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Alpinestars MTB Shorts

2011 alpinestars mtb shorts   2011 Alpinestars MTB Shorts

For maximized comfort and performance in mountain biking, a lightweight premium bike short like the 2011 Alpinestars is needed. The shorts provide an elasticized waist adjustment to guarantee a tailored fit and Velcro tabs to provide extra security.

During races, riders can also enjoy maximum comfort and performance, thanks to its multi-material upper construction. While riding, airflow within the shorts is enhanced by the vented inserts across the thighs.

On the seat area of the 2011 Alpinestars MTB shorts, seamless construction is featured so riding comfort is also guaranteed. Other excellent features of this garment include elasticized rear yoke and lateral side pockets for convenient storage.

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2011 Firefly Baggy Shorts

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Firefly Baggy Shorts

2011 firefly baggy shorts   2011 Firefly Baggy Shorts

Riders who enjoy mountain biking must wear a comfortable yet durable garments like the 2011 Firefly Baggy Shorts. A lot of benefits are derived from the baggy feature of this traditional lycra cycling short in terms of comfort and style.

Manufactured from Supplex nylon peach fabric, the Firefly features a very soothing feel against the skin along with its mesh drop liner that comes with a CoolMax antibacterial pad, seamless inner leg and contrast panel in crotch and upper rear.

At an affordable price, the 2011 Firefly Baggy Shorts is a great choice for riding that calls for more coverage and less baring of skin such as mountain biking. Other beneficial features of the baggy mountain bike shorts include front side entry pockets, integral Endura elastic with drawcord, and a zip fly.

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2011 Madison Tour Mountain Bike Shorts

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Madison Tour Mountain Bike Shorts

2011 madison tour mountain bike shorts   2011 Madison Tour Mountain Bike Shorts

As tough as mountain bikes is the 2011 Madison Tour shorts. To tackle the roughness and toughness of mountain biking, the fabric of this bike shorts are made light and extra comfortable while its bombproof construction guarantees that the garment will last long.

Even during a whole day ride, the Madison keeps the riders comfortable, thanks to the shorts’ cutting edge fabrics used. For high quality support and protection, the bike shorts feature a removable liner with an antibacterial, profiled pad.

Movement of the rider is not restricted because of the Lycra crotch and waist inserts of the 2011 Madison Tour mountain bike shorts. Added to the secure and comfortable fit of the bike shorts is the adjustable elasticated waist cinch belt with easy-grab rubber tabs and double pop-stud waist closure.

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2011 SmartWool Betasso Shorts

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 SmartWool Betasso Shorts

2011 smartwool betasso shorts   2011 SmartWool Betasso Shorts

A rugged yet comfortable pair of shorts such as the SmartWool Betasso is ideal for riding. While the shorts look like a normal pair of baggy shorts, they move smoothly providing the wearer comfort during tough rides. The materials used in the shorts are extremely durable yet stretchy for extra conformability.

Included in its special design are a combination of polyester outer short, and SmartWool inner short, and nylon blend. Two strong strap mounted snaps connects the outer and inner short together to avoid having the shorts flopping.

On the other hand, the zippered fly of the 2011 SmartWool Betasso Shorts can be a downside. This zippered fly can be too short for other riders causing a hassle when nature calls. Moreover, it is not easy to disconnect the front buckle webbing, adding to the hassle.

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