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2011 Specialized Primo Mountain Bike Shoe

2011 specialized primo mountain bike shoe   2011 Specialized Primo Mountain Bike Shoe

Both for casual use and commuting, the 2011 Specialized Primo Mountain Bike Shoe is ideal. This affordable and versatile biking shoe is tailored with modern design with an added plush cushioning. Aside from being SPD compatible, the bike shoe is made with full suede leather upper making it extra durable.

The toughness of mountain biking is easily tackled by the Specialized Primo, thanks to the new stiff but very comfortable outsole that is toughened by an SPD-compatible shank. To keep strings out of the chain rings, the bike shoe is constructed with a delicate LaceLock and cozy lace-up.

Optimizing comfort for the Specialized Primo bike shoe is the BG Plush, which is considered the most cushioned foot bed from Specialized. Moreover, visibility is enhanced by its reflective heel while its rubber outsole allows for better traction.

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2011 Mavic Razor Mountain Bike Shoe

2011 mavic razor mountain bike shoe   2011 Mavic Razor Mountain Bike Shoe

Great price, comfort, and performance makes the Mavic Razor one of the best mountain bike shoes in 2011. Almost every rider will find the basic two straps and one ratchet system very useful. Made of glass reinforced nylon sole, the Razor gives the riders sufficient flex for mountain biking.

For off-the-saddle pedaling, the Razor is constructed to be super stiff. Contagrip material from Mavic allows for an aggressive tread pattern that gives the shoes a solid grip on rock and wood. Even on moist surfaces, Razor can still keep the wearer tightly planted.

Riders will enjoy the enhanced pedal grip of Razor on tough terrains, thanks to the micro pattern between the heel and toe box on its sole. Constructed to be breathable and solid, the uppers combine synthetic leather and mesh.

Aesthetically, the 2011 Mavic Razor Mountain Bike Shoe is able to provide a fashionable look without having to put…

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2011 Generic Surplus x Wood Wood Bike Shoe

2011 generic surplus x wood wood bike shoe   2011 Generic Surplus x Wood Wood Bike Shoe

Up for Spring 2011 is a bike shoe by Generic Surplus and Danish label Wood Wood. The special design of this innovative bike shoe is a combination of chic Scandinavian minimalism and modern day L.A. style.

Generic Surplus provided the bike shoe’s laid-back, sophisticated designs while Wood Wood gave it a practically advanced look. Such a combination produces a fashionable but still functional mid-top shoe perfect for a bike ride in the city.

The 2011 Generic Surplus x Wood Wood Bike Shoe is based on the Generic Surplus Olney. Its upgraded features include the weather resistant treated canvas with an overlay toe cap. For better grip, the show has extra seams and a non-skid rubber.

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