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2011 Millennium Promise T-shirts by Tommy Hilfiger for Pro Cycling Challenge

2011 millennium promise t shirts by tommy hilfiger for pro cycling challenge   2011 Millennium Promise T shirts by Tommy Hilfiger for Pro Cycling Challenge

Tommy Hilfiger designed four bike shirts to be sold online and during the 2011 USA Pro Cycling Challenge for the benefit of Millennium Promise. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the said international nonprofit organization, which aims to help end extreme poverty.

For the design of the bicycle-themed shirts, Hilfiger donated both his resources and time making him a Millennium Promise MDG Global Leader in 2011. Two of the shirts are for men and two for women. Two specific designs promote Millennium Promise and a special program called Spokes of Change.

Not only are the 2011 Millennium Promise T-shirts by Tommy Hilfiger for Pro Cycling Challenge a cycling fashion item but also a contribution for a good cause. With a legendary designer, large US professional cycling event, and international philanthropy behind it, these shirts are a must-have for men and women riders.

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2011 Whackjob Bike Shirts

2011 whackjob bike shirts   2011 Whackjob Bike Shirts

Whackjob is introducing a new range of bike shirts made of bamboo fiber for 2011. Based in Devon, Whackjob is a new mountain bike clothing manufacturer that has many brand new things to offer when it comes to cycling apparel.

There are two collections in which the first three bike shirts of the range were categorized. First, the A Bit Special collection is Whackjob’s version of mountain bike apparel. Second, the A Bit Abstract collection offers unique shirts that are not commonly seen on the trail.

Due to its natural-wicking quality, bamboo fiber is used in the construction of the 2011 Whackjob Bike Shirts, making it perfect for action sports. Moreover, these stretchy, smooth, and soft bamboo fiber shirts are odor-resistant and anti-bacterial.

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