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Milwaukee Bicycle Co Bike Polo Fork

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Milwaukee Bicycle Co Bike Polo Fork

milwaukee bicycle co bike polo fork   Milwaukee Bicycle Co Bike Polo Fork

Milwaukee Bicycle Co and Doug from Hardcourt Bike Polo came together for a new Bike Polo influenced fork.

Doug explains the Milwaukee Bicycle Co Polo Fork: “I was thinking about the convenience of having one spare wheel to replace the front or rear, especially in tournament situations. A 120mm spaced fork made specifically for polo would mean more interchangeability, less spare parts, more gearing options for us single speed and fixed riders. And it would mean that any bike with this fork would breathe polo.”

Featuring 4130 heat treated chromoly, 990 Brake Mounts with Removable Studs, Headset Compression Plug, 400mm Axle to Crown, 6mm Dropouts, and weighs 1260 grams. Available in your choice of color with the exception of pearl coats and metal flake. More pictures and specs below.

Bruiser Polo Fork – Aftermarket
1-1/8″ One-Piece Fully CNC’d Steerer
Removable Brake Housing Gui
32mm Rake
Stainless MKE Badge
Black ED Coated Inside…

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FBM Bike Polo Frame Prototype

pinit fg en rect gray 20   FBM Bike Polo Frame Prototype

fbm bike polo frame   FBM Bike Polo Frame Prototype

FBM Bike Co gave a prototype frame of the new FBM Bike Polo. FBM, known for building solid bikes for BMXers, is now stepping into the fixed gear bike polo world.

The FBM Bike Polo Frame is hand built in Ithaca New York, while utilizing a higher bottom bracket to lessen the pedal strike on turns. A sleek head tube on the FBM polo frame to minimize toe overlap, long drop outs for cog options, v-brake bosses, and a longer top tube.

For riding a shorter wheelbase, enough clearance was made for 38mm tires. The frame pictured does not include a gusset, but will when produced. As of now, a release date is not known, but FBM is pushing for this fall. League of Bike Polo has nicknamed the frame “Battle Axe”.

Source: League of Bike Polo

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