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Bike Revolution Anti-Theft Device

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Bike Revolution Anti Theft Device

bike revolution anti theft device   Bike Revolution Anti Theft Device

Come January 2011, Bike Revolution Anti-Theft device will be available to the U.S. market. In partnership with Kryptonite, Bike Revolution offers an alternative way of avoiding theft and monitoring the bike’s status from the web or mobile. The Bicycle ID kit comes with 3 pulse ID tags. Registering your bike at the Bike Revolution website gives you a free certification of registration, a mobile phone bike scanner application, access to view the stolen bike database and a listing of your bike if it gets stolen.

Bike Revolution created a network of Bike Detectives who can look out for stolen bikes by scanning the bike they find with the pulse ID tags. If a bike is stolen, aside from reporting the incident to the police, Bike Revolution sends out notices to social networking sites like Facebook and lists your bike as stolen. This alerts other Bike Detectives to be on the…

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Evolution Mini-7 U-Lock with KryptoFlex Cable

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Evolution Mini 7 U Lock with KryptoFlex Cable

kryptonite mini 7 u lock kryptoflex cable   Evolution Mini 7 U Lock with KryptoFlex Cable

Bike messengers worldwide will be happy to learn that new for 2011, Kryptonite launches the Evolution Mini-7 U-Lock with a KryptoFlex Cable. Designed to meet anti-theft needs, the Evolution Mini has a 13mm MAX-Performance steel bolt that can withstand attempts of cutting or pounding. It measures 3.25″ x 5.5″, which is why it’s named Mini, but comes with a security rating of 9 equaling superior protection.

The Evolution Mini comes with a KryptoFlex Cable, great for safeguarding your expensive wheels. The lock’s cylinder is protected with a rotating dustcover and it uses a center keyway as a defense from leverage attacks. The Mini also features anti-rattle bumpers, reinforced cuff, an EZ Mount transportation bracket and a Bent Foot design.

Priced at $64.95…

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Bike Thief in New York Video

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Bike Thief in New York Video

Bicycle theft is a serious concern for bike owners and the Neistat Brothers filmed a video in New York City as to how easy it was to steal a bike. Shot with a hidden camera, the video showed a bike stolen in different locations using different tools. The aim of the video was to show how no one stopped the bike thief in the act of stealing someone’s bike in broad daylight at a public place. Ironically, someone even helped the bike thief remove the locked chains from the bike.

On the other hand, the public’s apathy to the incident could also be viewed as innocent. The “stealing” of the bike looked closely similar to a bike owner who lost the keys to his bicycle’s secure lock and decided to use other means to remove the bike from its locked chains.

Is this a video that proves how people are blind…

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OnGuard Bulldog DT Combo U-Lock

pinit fg en rect gray 20   OnGuard Bulldog DT Combo U Lock

onguard bullog dt combo ulock   OnGuard Bulldog DT Combo U Lock

This Bulldog DT Combo U-Lock provides pure strength and hold. With a massive 13mm (1/2”) hardened ultra steel shackle and Dual steel bar locking mechanism, which provide up to 10 tons of pull-strength, the combo U-lock entitles the bike excellent protection and good resistance.

This bike lock uses an all-tube multi-position quick-release mounting bracket that gives easy usage to its user. If you are a rider who is always on the go for a ride, an integrated vinyl-coated water cover was included to protect the cylinder from any bad weather.

OnGuard Bulldog DT lock includes 4 laser-cut keys for duplicates and 1 Torch key light key for night usage. Weighing 3 lbs. 10 oz., the Bulldog DT lock comes with a price of $39.

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Anti-Bike Vigilante Gluing Locks in Williamsburg, New York

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Anti Bike Vigilante Gluing Locks in Williamsburg, New York

anti bike vigilante gluing locks williamsburg new york   Anti Bike Vigilante Gluing Locks in Williamsburg, New York

Not sure if you really can call this person a “vigilante”, but a resident of Williamsburg, a neighborhood located in Brooklyn New York is going around putting Krazy Glue in bike locks. Why is he doing this? The “criminal” is tired of the sidewalks being packed with bicycles.

The story gets worse, the name of this individual has been concealed by the Brooklyn Paper, for the exchange of information. This individual is being dubbed “The Bike Crusader”, but we will just call him “criminal”.

Criminal plans on taking his acts further by recruiting a team, he says to the Brooklyn Paper “If I get the right people together, we will go down Bedford Avenue at 4 am and inject every bike lock on the strip with Krazy Glue.”

He/she also says “We need to clear the sidewalk for people in wheelchairs and people getting out of cars.” “Never…

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