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Plus Eight Industries Hiplok

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Plus Eight Industries Hiplok

plus eight industry hiplok   Plus Eight Industries Hiplok

A lot of cyclists and riders have often wondered what to do with their bike chains, especially if its not being used to keep their bikes safe. There have been several ways that riders have been using in order to successfully get by with the hassle of lugging around bike chains during rides but Plus Eight Industries aim to change all that.

The new Plus Eight Industries Hiplok works primarily as a sturdy bike lock to secure your bike from anybody who might want to take it from you while parked outside buildings or even your home. And when you want to use the bike once again, you can take the hiplok and wrap it around your waist as it doubles also as a fashionable belt.

The actual colors of the belt plus the logo for it are also very reflective to help increase visibility at night and to avoid any incidences.


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Conrad Climbing Bike Lock Prototype

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Conrad Climbing Bike Lock Prototype

Conrad, maker of toys in Germany, came up with an innovative bike lock that climbs up the pole where you park your bike. With this new invention, bike thieves will have a difficult time stealing a bike, unless they use a ladder to get to it. The company sponsored a campaign titled “3 teams, 14 days, 150,000 Opportunities” and Team A from Hamburg submitted this invention.

The climbing bike lock is shaped like a hexagon with roller wheels attached to it. The lock is electronic and the whole mechanism is used with a remote control. The locking of the bike and wheeling it up to the top of the pole is pretty easy to do. Although—the bike lock looks a bit heavy to lug around on a ride. It’s not shown how the arms of the climbing bike lock can be adjusted if used on a thinner pole.

What if…

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Spylamp Bicycle GPS Tracker

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Spylamp Bicycle GPS Tracker

spylamp bicycle gps tracker   Spylamp Bicycle GPS Tracker

Another innovative device against bicycle theft can be found is the Spylamp Bicycle GPS Tracker. Made by GPSTrackThis, the Spylamp is a hidden GPS tracker located on the bike’s tail light.

The GPS inside the rear light can be activated by pressing the switch button. After several seconds, the tracking device will activate and based on the vibrations that the bike gives off, the GPS sensor relays the bike’s current location to an online server. The server then alerts the owner of the bike through sms.

There’s also a website available to owners that allows them to see the location the bike of their bike. If the bike is in a building, the GPS lock will switch to GPS positioning. This will triangulate the area as to where the bike is located within 200 meters.

The GPS can be triggered manually through the off/on button or by activating the rear light….

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Knog Sausage Locks

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Knog Sausage Locks

knog sausage locks   Knog Sausage Locks

The latest from Knog is its Sausage Locks or Party Franks to keep your bike secure. The lock is made with medical grade UV stable silicon in a patented seamless overmould. Inside, there”s a braided steel cable with fiber core to withstand any bolt cutter.

It comes with three color-coded keys, 1000 combination blade style lock and wrist coil. You can attach the Party Frank on your bike with a 8mm stainless circular steel locking knob or Authorities have issued a warrant for the arrest of a online high schools employee in the physical assault of a student and an alleged plot to cover it up. you can wrap it around your wrist when not in use.

The Sausage Lock has a 12mm cable diameter and 5mm steel diameter. It”s 620mm in length and weighs 250 grams. Knog made them in 3 sizes and it comes in 12…

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Abus Bordo X-Plus 6500

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Abus Bordo X Plus 6500

abus bordo x plus 6500 278x300   Abus Bordo X Plus 6500Abus Security Tech of Germany came out with their latest bicycle foldable lock, the Abus Bordo X-Plus 6500. It is a device made of special hardened lock body and closing bolt. The folding device is 5.5mm hardened steel bars and covered with anti-scratch plastic. Its massive links connecting the bars are saw resistant.

The Granit Bordo X-Plus 6500 foldable lock has an anti-sliding mechanism with a total length of 85cm. A transport bag goes along with it that has a flexible mounting feature integrated with rappel prevention. It could be easily mounted on any part of the bike frame as suited accessible to the rider.

The Bordo 6500 has a lighted key and a patented design X-Plus Cylinder. The lock itself is of high level resistance against picking from would-be bike thieves. It offers keyed alike solutions supplemented with a code card for replacement keys.

It is user friendly and easy…

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Halo Wi-Fi Bike Lock Texts When Bike is Stolen

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Halo Wi Fi Bike Lock Texts When Bike is Stolen

halo wi fi bike lock texts bike stolen   Halo Wi Fi Bike Lock Texts When Bike is Stolen

Now is the future, and Steve Hunt shows us this with his new invention the Halo Bike Lock. If you think this is like your traditional lock, you have another thing coming. When the Halo lock is tampered with, it will send a text message to your phone.

The Halo Bike Lock uses a Wi-Fi card, known as the “Eye-Fi”, which is common in cameras. As of now, you need to make sure your bike is locked up in a Wi-Fi zone, or else the Halo lock will not send out a text message. This is an incredible invention, but the two drawbacks we see are, getting a text message, rushing out to your bike and going toe to toe with a bike thief (maybe not a bad thing for some), or your phone not having reception and coming out to see your bike…

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Trek Armored U-Lock Bike Lock

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Trek Armored U Lock Bike Lock

trek armored u lock bike lock   Trek Armored U Lock Bike Lock

These days, going to any destination where you must leave your bike even for a few moments requires you to lock it up; that is, if you want to keep your bike. U-Locks have always been a favorite amongst cyclists. The Trek Armored U-Lock Bike Lock is sure to keep your baby safe. It’s 13mm high-grade steel shackle and crossbar provide the protection necessary. Fortunately, the creators of this lock went beyond an ordinary steel lock. A rotating dust cover keeps dirt and or whatever else from getting into the key entryway. If you’re worried about your lock being picked by a crafty person, don’t worry; the Trek Armored U-Lock Bike Lock features a new and improved high security disc cylinder that provides increased protection from picking. A $1,500 anti-theft protection offer comes with the Trek Armored U-Lock Bike Lock. …

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