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NiteRider MiNewt 250 Cordless

pinit fg en rect gray 20   NiteRider MiNewt 250 Cordless

niterider minewt 250 cordless   NiteRider MiNewt 250 Cordless

One of NiteRider‘s high-performance solutions for bicycle lights is its MiNewt 250 Cordless. It gives 250 lumens from its Borofloat lens and reflectors. The optic design takes out the glare by tuning the light its lens. This bike light features easy mounting with its quick-release design.

The MiNewt 250 Cordless has a USB charging option as well as a 4-hour Smart charger. It also comes with a helmet mount and handlebar mount that can fit up to a 31.8mm bar.

The one-piece modular design gives 3 light level options and a flash mode. High light level equals 2.5 hours while low light gives you 4.5 hours of illumination. For a price of £129.99, the 190-gram bike light also comes with a LED headlamp and Internal Li-Ion battery. …

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NiteRider Pro 700 LED

pinit fg en rect gray 20   NiteRider Pro 700 LED

niterider pro 700 led   NiteRider Pro 700 LED

The Pro 700 LED from NiteRider is one of the strongest lighting system for those nightly rides. With 700 lumens and a run time of 48 hours, visibility on the road is increased at night.The battery pack for the Pro 700 LED is a 6 cell Li-ion batteries for the Standard model and 4 cell Li-ion battery for the Race model.

The entire package comes with a helmet mount and handlebar mount. It will fit a bar with up to 31.8mm and even has an extension cable. Charging time is 3 hours with an 8-step fuel gauge system.

The light output can be adjusted, which will effect visibility and the light’s run time duration. Weighing 505 grams, MSRP is $399.99….

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Light and Motion Vis 360

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Light and Motion Vis 360

light and motion vis 360   Light and Motion Vis 360

The Vis 360 lighting system from Light and Motion is a commuter asset that provides 360 degrees of visibility. The 130g complete set is made up of a bright front light, a tail light and amber side markers.

Lighter than most bar lights on the market, the Vis 360 is easy to mount on a helmet with a simple snap on/off attachment. The front light shines 110 lumens and 4 lumens at the rear.

There are three mode settings to choose from, flashing, high and low. In flashing mode, you can have 20 hours or more of run time. 2.5 hours can be expected in high mode and 5 hours on low.

The Vis 360 can be charged with a Micro USB; A single cell Li-ion battery powers up the light system. Retail is $169.

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Owleye Bike Lights Rainbow Series: 1991-901-3, 1992-902-3

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Owleye Bike Lights Rainbow Series: 1991 901 3, 1992 902 3

owleye bike lights 1 300x201   Owleye Bike Lights Rainbow Series: 1991 901 3, 1992 902 3

Owleye introduces its Rainbow series with two new models, a front bicycle light known as 1991-901-3 and a tail light, 1992-902-3. Both models use solar energy for recharging. On a 2 hour quick charge under the sun, the lights can effectively deliver an hour of light in constant mode and 2 hours in flash mode.

The front bike light has two modes for better visibility and lighting. It uses 3 LEDs and has a Li-ion battery pack. The rear bike light also uses 3 LEDs and is easy to install with a 180 degree free adjustment.

It is not a surprise Owleye Bicycle Lights bare HICHIA LED, 12500-155OOmcd and 610 mah for the super brightness and visibility. The solar head light is specifically designed to be user and environmental friendly. The solar power tail light has a storage battery of Li-ion, 150 mah and weighs 21g.

The accessories are durable and…

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Knog Boomer Bike Lights

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Knog Boomer Bike Lights

knog boomer bike lights 1 300x171   Knog Boomer Bike Lights

When it comes to bike lights, Knog made a commitment to safety with its Boomer. Now available in a USB rechargeable version, the Knog Boomer remains one of the economical options in the bike light department.

The Boomer retails at $34.95. It is water-resistant and weighs only 53g with batteries. Using 2 AAA batteries, the Boomer is slim with a flexible silicon body.

The light comes with an integrated LED lens and is available in colors blue, white, black, pink, translucent and red. The white LED gives you 50 lumens while the red LED provides 30 lumens of light.

The Knog Boomer is easy to attach to your bike’s bars. It gives you four modes to choose from: constant, strobe flash, fast flash and random strobe.

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Supernova Airstream Light

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Supernova Airstream Light

supernova airstream 300x181   Supernova Airstream LightTo be released in September and launched at EuroBike, Supernova Lights introduces the Airstream. It features a Cree XPG R5 LED encased in aluminum body. It runs on Li-ion battery and has an output illumination of 370 lumens.

The Airstream also uses Terraflux lens which directs 96% of the beam toward the ground instead of the incoming traffic. It has side illumination as well. This requirement goes beyond the German traffic regulations.

The Airstream has four settings you can choose from as well as a flashing mode. It has a bracket which allows you to mount the light on the bars or on the stem. It runs with a battery life of 2.5 to 24 hours. It has a burn time indicator and a control button which glows.

MSRP is €199.00.

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Lupine Lighting Systems

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Lupine Lighting Systems

lupine lighting systems   Lupine Lighting Systems

A high-end lighting system can help you stay saddled up by decreasing the chances of getting injured on a night ride in an urban or rural setting. The abundance of bike lights available through retailers can be frustrating to decide on when each light has its own skew. Lupine Lighting Systems, on the other hand, makes bike light shopping easier on the consumer by offering well rounded bike lights. To make things easy, all batteries and accessories used by Lupine lights are interchangeable. Depending on your power output, Lupine batteries out last many other lights on the market. When a lupine light is out of juice, recharging is made simple through a wall or car power outlet. To insure a firm mount, Lupine has also equipped its lighting systems with handlebar gripping rubber o-rings. The German bike light manufacture makes several different lights to suit the needs of every rider,…

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