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2012 Overade Unisex Folding Bike Helmet

2012 overade unisex folding bike helmet   2012 Overade Unisex Folding Bike Helmet

Agence 360’s engineer Phillipe Arrouart and French designer Patrick Jourffret have collaborated to create the buy cialis Overade Folding Bike Helmet. Designed in 2010, the Overade, which is both for men and women, will be produced for 2012.

Just like a typical modern helmet, the Overade offers sufficient protection. But what sets the innovative unisex bike helmet apart form acheter viagra en ligne the rest is its ability to levitra be carried with little hassle so riders can be encouraged to wear them more often.
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Through the collaborative creativity of Arrouart and Jourffret, the Overade can be folded down to an can i buy viagra exceptionally compact size.


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2011 Lazer Krux Bike Helmet

2011 lazer krux bike helmet   2011 Lazer Krux Bike Helmet

Released by Lazer this 2011 is a bike helmet called Krux, which can be a nice addition to an urban helmet collections. Despite its rough and tough design, the helmet is very light and fits very nicely on the head without creating lots of heat. With plenty of venting, air circulation is nicely facilitated.

A ridged barrel adjuster called Rollsys adjusts the suspension system inside the helmet that allows for extra coolness. Instead of sliders, the bike helmet has authentic clamps on the straps. With secure strap adjustment clamps, riders do not have to touch the straps once they are adjusted right for the head.

Reasonably priced and neatly styled, the 2011 Lazer Krux Bike Helmet is a good item for urban riders. On the negative side, riders may not appreciate it when it catches too much wind and makes some noise. This minor downside can be condoned,…

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2012 Troy Lee D3 Composite MTB Helmet Palmer

2012 troy lee d3 composite mtb helmet palmer   2012 Troy Lee D3 Composite MTB Helmet Palmer

For 2012, Troy Lee has launched a brand new mountain bike item called the D3 Composite MTB Helmet Palmer. Not only is the helmet constructed for reliable action sports protection. Its design is a combination of topnotch safety and style.

Technologically sophisticated, the titanium hardware and aerospace carbon and composite fiber shell of the helmet make it nicely featherweight. Ventilation is optimized by combining the new deeper EPS channeling with the 20 high-flow intake and exhaust ports and an innovative injection-molded intake system.

Reducing the weight of the 2012 Troy Lee D3 Composite MTB Helmet Palmer is the machined titanium visor screws. Other features of the D3 helmet are a removable and washable MX-style padded liner, dual density shock pad system and two adjustable D3 visors.

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2011 Sixsixone Fenix Flash Bike Helmet

2011 sixsixone fenix flash bike helmet   2011 Sixsixone Fenix Flash Bike Helmet

Designed for style, performance and function, the 2011 SixSixOne Fenix Flash Helmet is ideal for mountain biking. Thanks to its special and unique features, including an extremely protective EPS, Kevlar carbon fiber glass shell, and three large external intakes.

What enhances root protection, safety and comfort is the wider and longer chin bar. While enhancing peripheral vision, the innovative wide goggle port makes the goggles seat better to the rider’s face. For better ventilation, the helmet features a large stylish mouth vent air intake.

For optimal head comfort, the 2011 SixSixOne Fenix Flash Bike Helmet features molded rubber eye port vents that channel air in through to the forehead. Moisture is absorbed efficiently, thanks to the strap liners, cheek pads and a removable and washable Savior comfort liner.

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2011 Troy Lee SE3 MTB Helmet

2011 troy lee se3 mtb helmet   2011 Troy Lee SE3 MTB Helmet

Style, comfort and protection during motocross races and mountain biking are featured by the 2011 Troy Lee SE3 MTB Helmet. Head comfort, less weight, and durability are optimized by its titanium hardware and SE3 design.

For enhanced protection, the Troy Lee SE3 features an aggressive high flow mouthpiece, a removable nose guard, and an air ram top scoop intake. In case the rider needs to urgently remove the helmet, the bike has quick-release cheek pads.

With a lot of new features, the Troy Lee SE3 is definitely an innovative piece of bike gear. These new features include dual density shock pad system and dual density EPS liner, top scoop design, 2 color-matched Vortex visors, and indents for communication ear piece.

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Bern Brentwood Bike Helmet

Bern Brentwood Bike Helmet   Bern Brentwood Bike Helmet

The Bern Brentwood bike helmet is definitely the Brad Pitt of bike helmets and not only does it look absolutely good, it also ranks high on durability and weight.

Let’s discuss all the key details and features that make it stand out in a crowd of hopefuls and wannabe bike helmets.

First, the Bern Brentwood is lightweight. And it does so thanks to the technology built in it by Bern. The helmet is made of a lightweight PVC shell with Zipmold, a type of seamless liquid foam tech that boasts the strength to weight ration of the protective helmet. It also features a Sink Fit helmet design that provides a great and low profile fit for your head.

The Bern Brentwood also literally lives up to being cool thanks to the aerodynamic air channels in the front and the back of the bike to make it a more comfortable experience wearing the…

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Hövding Airbag Cycling Helmet

Around 40 cyclists lose their lives on the road in Sweden each year and about 30,000 are injured. The statistics are undeniable, which prompted a Swedish company to create an airbag bicycle helmet designed to deploy immediate protection for its user in the instant that the inevitable occurs.

The airbag bicycle helmet is the brain child of two industrial students, namely Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin. Back in 2006 they were awarded a grant of SEK 200,000 to develop the actual product and set up their own company.

Called the “ HÖVDING”, which means “chieftain”, It is conveniently worn as a collar around the cyclist’s neck to which the airbag is housed. The airbag comes in an array of colors. Tested on cycling dummies at a maximum speed of 20 mph, the helmet is made to withstand collision impacts from the rear.

Source: Her Blog

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