pinit fg en rect gray 20   Blur B2 Goggles

blur b2 goggles   Blur B2 Goggles

Blur Optics introduces a fresh line of B2 Bike Goggles. The B2 goggles feature a narrow frame that can fit into almost any helmet. Its frame design is also vented to give you better air circulation.

The B2 Goggles provides a comfortable fit with its triple density foam on the frame. To eliminate having the foam hug your eye and nose too tightly, it also has self-adjusting strap attachment wings and a clear silicon gripper strap.

The side wings are there to help position the goggles correctly in place and to keep them secure when riding hard and wild. The replaceable lenses ($6.99) come in Clear, Smoke, Amp Blue, Amber, Mirror, Roll-Off (compatible with “Scott” roll off systems) and Light Sensitive. Tear offs ($13.95) are also available.

Blur 2 Goggles are comprised of the Phobia (colorful street design), the Karma (dragon inspired), the Frenzy (retro blue), the Logger (simple brown and cream…

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