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2012 Colony Miner Signature BMX Frame

2012 colony miner signature bmx frame   2012 Colony Miner Signature BMX Frame

For 2012, Colony BMX Co has launched the signature frame of Zac Miner. Built from 100% chromoly material, this BMX bike frame comes with mid BB shell, 5mm CNC machined dropouts and an integrated head tube that is drilled for gyro tabs, all of which are heat-treated.

Unique features of the Miner are invest cast removable Colony brake tabs and seat stay and chain stay gussets, which make this full chromo frame even stronger. Other features canadian online pharmacy include an engraved Colony headtube badge and offset internal gussets on its TT and DT tubing.

The 2012 Colony canada cheap viagra Miner viagra canada Signature BMX Frame will be available in five colors and two sizes. The 21in model weighs in at approximately 2.26kg while the credit score range 20.8in model is 2.25kg.

2012 X-9 Nighthawk Bike Frame by Brano Meres Engineering and Design

2012 x 9 nighthawk bike frame by brano meres engineering design   2012 X 9 Nighthawk Bike Frame by Brano Meres Engineering and Design

For 2012, Brano Meres Engineering & Design has introduced a technically unique bike frame called X-9 united pharmacy canada Nighthawk. Designed with bike and design buffs in mind, this experimental bike is packed with highly innovative features.

Developed by Atomic22, the infiniti3D bicycle component security system is one of the major technologies featured by the X-9 Nighthawk. Carbon fiber was used to attach, laminate, and water-jet cut the aramid honeycomb sandwich panels from which the structure of the frame was built.

Included in the innovative features of the X-9 Nighthawk bike frame are its all-new BME S72 saddle prototype, carbon fiber handlebars and stem, and a carbon fork that was contoured to complement the design of the frame.

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2012 AX-Lightness Vial Carbon Racing Bike Frame

2012 ax lightness vial carbon racing bike frame   2012 AX Lightness Vial Carbon Racing Bike Frame

AX-Lightness, the German brand known for incredibly lightweight cycling components, has introduced its newest carbon racing bike frame called Vial for 2012. This very light frame is designed to maximize stiffness without compromising ride quality.

By intentionally avoiding any kind of aerodynamic profiles, the Vial prefers much more conventional profiles instead. Moreover, monocoque construction enables this racing bike frame to adopt the BB386 bottom-bracket standard.

tennis elbow treatmentWhile weighing in at only 745g, the 2012 AX-Lightness Vial Carbon Racing Bike Frame guarantees the highest standard of ride quality. Also, with symmetrical rear part and rectangular frame cross-sections, direct and exact forward energy is present.


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2011 Tortola Roundtail Bike Frame

2011 tortola roundatail bike frame   2011 Tortola Roundtail Bike Frame

With combined lateral stiffness and vertical compliance, the Roundtail is one interesting bike frame from Tortola. What makes this bike frame stand out is its unique design by Lou Tortola, a bike designer from Windsor, Canada.

What the Roundtail design offers is ten times the vertical flex and more than sixty times the shock absorption of a traditional frame. Instead of a usual triangle, the design integrates a ring at the rear.

Expected from the unique shape of the rings, as claimed by Tortola, are aerodynamic advantages. However, the 2011 Tortola Roundtail Bike Frame seems to involve too much metal. The Roundtail is also claimed to be ideal for promoting the corporate sponsors that cycling teams so greatly depend on.

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