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Performance Team Bike Case

performance team bike case   Performance Team Bike Case

Needing a sturdy case to transport your bicycle case, the Performance Team Bike Case is heavy duty and made of thermoformed ABS plastic, while fitting almost every type of bike frame and wheels. Mashing thick and soft open cell foam that covers the inner wall surface so if you drop it you have added protection. While traveling, sometimes you have to worry about people stealing, but since the Performance Team Bike case comes with two secure latches and a set of two keys, now you only have to worry if someone walks off with the whole bag. Weighing about 26 pounds, retail price is $349.99.

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Tri All 3 Velo Safe Pro-Series Custom Road Bike Case

tri all 3 velo safe pro series custom road1   Tri All 3 Velo Safe Pro Series Custom Road Bike Case

The Velo Safe Pro-Series Custom Road Bike Case is a bike travelers best friend. Especially designed for road bikes and ITU clip-on’s by Tri All 3, the bike case, which is more like a bike box, can accommodate your bike with minimal disassembly, thanks to its large dimensions. The case’s Interior measures 47″L x 15″W x 26″H, leaving plenty of space for all of your extras. The large case may raise a few brows at customs due to its size, however. Toughly made out of high molecular weight polyethylene, the bike case is certain to protect its content.

MSRP: $549.95

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Thule 699 Round Trip Bike Travel Case

thule 699 round trip bike travel case   Thule 699 Round Trip Bike Travel Case

If you have plans for traveling with a bike, consider the Thule 699 Round Trip bike case.

Its hard shell polyethylene design encloses a protecting layer of padding for safely transporting a mountain or road bike. In addition, the bike case can further secure its goods by locking.

To ease the burden of travel, the bike case comes with gear bags to store your bike apparel and tools. Also, a set of wheels and a strap system makes lugging your bike around in the Thule 699 nearly effortless.

The Thule 699 Round Trip is UPS shippable and can be made car rack mountable with Thule’s RFM adapter kit.

MSRP: $379.95…

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