pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 IXS Mountain Bike Apparel

2011 ixs mountain bike apparel   2011 IXS Mountain Bike Apparel

Distributed by T2R-Distributors, a comprehensive range of bike apparel from IXS is available within Canada for 2011. The IXS range includes protective wear and clothing specifically tailored for mountain biking.

A reputable European brand, IXS is known for making stylish protective wear both for motorcyclists and mountain bikers. Included in the 2011 IXS protective gear and clothing for Canada is the Slope Series Evo knee pads made popular by Darren and Ryan Berrecloth.

In partnership with Whistler and with other Canadian ambassadors like Richie Schley and Matt Hunter, IXS guarantees reliable products for mountain biking. Not only are they comfortable but the 2011 IXS Mountain Bike Apparels are also beautifully designed.

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