pinit fg en rect gray 20   Bigfish Folding Bike

bigfish folding bike   Bigfish Folding Bike

While the world of folding bikes seems to get larger, Bigfish shares with us their unique and quick folding bike.

The Bigfish Folding Bike uses a one piece front triangle and rear triangle, plus a hinged fork. Bigfish says the bike can be folded within 10 seconds, and this is achieved by quick release fastening throughout the bike. Best part is, no tools are required.

On some folding bikes, you have to worry about the bike collapsing while riding, but since there is no hinge in the front, and a weak point is nonexistent.

The Bigfish folding bike retails for $599 USD, and comes in black, pink, gold, and orange. Rumor has it another model will release at a lower price and with a different design. Not sure if this is the bike for you? You can stop by the Waterfront Bicycles Shop in Portland to test…

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