pinit fg en rect gray 20   Eleven Gear Poseur Cycling Kits

eleven gear poseur cycling kits   Eleven Gear Poseur Cycling Kits

In honor of the 1966 Poseur cycling team, Eleven Gear releases cycling kits. Available in the Eleven Gear Poseur set is the Velo Poseur Skinsuit, Velo Poseur Bidon water bottle, Velo Poseur Team Socks, Velo Poseur Team Cycling Cap, Velo Poseur Team Bib Shorts, and Poseur Jersey (men and women’s available).

Certain kits are available, for example if you purchase the Velo Poseur Jersey, you will also receive the cycling cap for $77. Also, a full kit is available with two water bottles at $165. You can choose from a size XS to 3x.

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