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2011 Craft Elite Bib Bike Shorts

2011 craft elite bib bike shorts   2011 Craft Elite Bib Bike Shorts

Coming from a reputable brand in the cycling market, the 2011 Craft Elite Bib Bike Shorts are an impressive garment that features great fit and performance during long-distance riding in the saddle. Packed with amazing features, this is definitely the cycling garment to trust.

Updated for 2011, the Craft Elite Bibs have a lot of new features to take pride in. Included in these new and affordable features are the CoolMax fabric uppers, wider silicone cuffs, three different chamois sizes and designs.

Also featured by the 2011 Craft Elite Bib Bike Shorts are flat, durable seams, antimicrobial Elite gel chamois, and revised panels and lower fabrics. For total freedom of movement, the Body control fabric has a 4-way stretch. Keeping the bib in place are silicone leg grippers.

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2011 Capoforma Peloton Roubaix Bib Short

2011 capoforma peloton roubaix bib short   2011 Capoforma Peloton Roubaix Bib Short

As an eight-panel-wrap, the 2011 Capoforma Peloton Roubaix Bib Short has panels that are made to wrap around the body and squeeze the muscles. Warmth, durability, and stretchiness are all guaranteed, thanks to the balanced combination of Lycra and Super Roubaix.

To add to its wind-resistance qualities, the exterior of the Bib Shorts is designed to be closed-faced. There is no stiffness to the material used in the bib shorts at all, providing more comfort to its wearer.

Also featured on the Capoforma Peloton Roubaix is the Capo Corsa IT insert, which has varying levels of thickness and wicks and stretches. This Capo Corsa IT insert as thick as 10mm under the sit bones and as thin as 5mm on the sides of the legs. At the bottom hems, silicone gel grippers are used to hold the legs of the wearer in place as well as the knee warmers….

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Skins Cycling Bib Longs for Women

skins cycling bib longs for women    Skins Cycling Bib Longs for Women

The cycling world often times falls short of info for women seeking the latest in the game, so we’d like to shed some light on Skins’ cycling bib for women. The manufacture uses BioAcceleration Technologyâ„¢ to enhance cycling performance. By applying the correct amount of compression, the fabric Skins uses helps its rider achieve better circulation. Skins’ female bib is also equipped with comforting high quality foam, preventing those easily irritable areas from nagging. The material that composes the bib is designed to help its users avoid venous issues, too. Four sizes are offered, ranging from XS – L. MSRP: $300….

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