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2012 Colnago C59 Italia Racing Bib Shorts

2012 colnago c59 italia racing bib shorts   2012 Colnago C59 Italia Racing Bib Shorts

Coming from Colnago for 2012 are new racing bib shorts called C59 Italia. Made in Italy, these bib shorts are tailored for minimalist elegance and style combined with a neat and classic design as well, as excellent attention to details.

During long-distance rides, maximum comfort is guaranteed by the C59 Italia, thanks to its special Elastic Interface padding that has high-density open cell foam. This padding fits the rider’s body allowing for added protection against friction and vibration.

With its UPF rating of 50+, the 2012 Colnago C59 Italia Racing Bib Shorts are ideal for hot summer rides. Excellent skin protection is given to racers since more than 98% of the sunrays that can cause harmful sunburns are blocked out.

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2011 OneTen Cycling Clothing Range

2011 oneten cycling clothing range   2011 OneTen Cycling Clothing Range

OneTen, the latest cycling clothing brand for 2011, has launched a range that includes the Primo bib shorts, Giro short sleeve jersey, and Vento wind jacket. Supported by scientific and physiological cycling-specific principles, these garments can tackle the most demanding of conditions very well.

A 3D engineered fabric allows the OneTen Primo bib shorts to regulate heat and moisture effectively. Ultimate comfort is guaranteed by its modern synthetic chamois even during long rides. Also of high quality is the ultra-light, quick-drying microfiber polyester used for the OneTen Giro short sleeve jersey.

Small enough to pack into the rear pocket, the OneTen Vento wind jacket features micro-denier polyamide fabric and cut that ensure comfort in all conditions. From the 2011 OneTen Cycling Clothing Range are first-rate cycling shorts, jersey, and jacket expansively tested in any environmental conditions.

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2011 Solo Lugged Bib Shorts

2011 solo lugged bib shorts   2011 Solo Lugged Bib Shorts

While it is a quite pricey cycling garment, the 2011 Solo Lugged Bib Shorts are undoubtedly of top-notch quality. Between the bib section and the lowers are swoops and points that are similar to the lugs on a traditional frame.

Strong performance is guaranteed by its chamois, an Aero Sotto pad from the Italian Teosport that has 4mm-deep foam. Ventilation is enhanced by air channels and perforations. The seamless garment avoids chafing and comfort which is guaranteed by the soft microfiber face fabric.

Other features include a good quality nylon/spandex mix lowers and a very lightweight mesh bib section. A top-quality garment with an excellent chamois, the 2011 Solo Lugged Bib Shorts provides uncompromising comfort on the saddle during a whole day ride.

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Castelli Claudio Bib Shorts

castelli claudio bib shorts   Castelli Claudio Bib Shorts

The Claudio Bib Shorts from Castelli guarantees exceptional protection and warmth for winter riding. Made with its NanoFlex technology, the Claudio Bib Shorts are a water-repellent gem. It also blocks out that clammy cold feeling after moisture gets in. Its wicking fabric provides a quick drying fix and insulating warmth with the NanoFlex coating that lets the moisture slide off the fabric instead of soaking it in.

The bib shorts have its KISS 3 chamois padding for all-day comfort while riding. It also has breathable mesh straps, gel grippers and reflective tabs for visibility. Keeping you warm, dry and safe, the Claudio Bib Shorts comes in six sizes (S, M, L, XL, XXL and XXL) and in color black. MSRP is $129.99….

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