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2011 MCipollini Fastline Bib Short

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 MCipollini Fastline Bib Short

2011 mcipollini fastline bib short 2   2011 MCipollini Fastline Bib Short

An excellent bib short that is designed to offer the right position of the pad this 2011 is the MCipollini Fastline. Riders will enjoy an impeccable adherence through the leg bottom of the bib that comes with light and elastic internal silicon to keep away from compression.

Tightly woven, the Lycra on the bib is smooth and it has perforated lower back and a lightweight, open weave mesh. Aside from its nice look, the carbon effect weave of the outer leg panels is very breathable. The simply shaped gel pad that has a bobbled surface and a minimal depth still ensures great comfort.

Perfect for hot weather, the 2011 MCipollini Fastline Bib Short is made from a fabric that has an excellent fit, cut, and shape. Top performance is guaranteed in short races due to its anatomic construction. The Calandra finish of the bottom part makes adherence to the saddle perfect,…

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2011 Santini Jam Bib Short

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Santini Jam Bib Short

2011 santini jam bib short   2011 Santini Jam Bib Short

Santini has created one of the best bib shorts for 2011 called Jam. What makes these bibs amazingly comfortable is the new wonder material, which is a seamless knitted polyester fabric, used in the garment.

On the inner section near the pad, a high-tension Lycra is used. Support from the knee upwards is added by the bonded ladder patterns on the outer thighs following the shape of the thigh. Throughout the design, excellent comfort is carried by the bibs with its soft-touch mesh bib and braces.

Very impressive, the NAT pad has a core made from multi-density gel and raised tubular cups on the surface attached to the shorts. This way, slippage is prevented. With its outstandingly comfortable material and a dazzling pad, the 2011 Santini Jam Bib Short is highly recommended for huge challenge rides.

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2011 Icebreaker Bike Wear

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Icebreaker Bike Wear

2011 icebreaker bike wear   2011 Icebreaker Bike Wear

Icebreaker, a New Zealand brand, released a new line of bike wear for men and women. The bike wear is intended for road and mountain bike styles, which is bound for Spring and Summer 2011. Included in this new line is the SS Circuit jersey, the Cadence short, and the Circuit bib short.

A great cycle top, the new SS Circuit Jersey features a pump pocket, rear cargo pockets, and gripper on the hem. This Circuit jersey is not only breathable and light. With its merino fabric, temperature can be easily controlled offering great comfort to its wearer.

Also made of merino, the Cadence shorts are very comfortable and durable. With double-knit construction made up of six panels, the shorts offer a perfectly shaped fit. Overheating and irritation are prevented, thanks to the premium merino.

Combining premium merino and technical garment, the Circuit Bib shorts combine the best attributes…

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