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2011 Bianchi Pista Classica Frameset

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Bianchi Pista Classica Frameset

2011 bianchi pista classica frameset   2011 Bianchi Pista Classica Frameset

We showed you the Tipo Corsa frameset, and now we introduce to you the 2011 Bianchi Pista Classica.

The Bianchi 2011 Pista Classica frameset is resurrected from the 1950s – 60s, and is a true retro track setup. The frameset features Celeste green and chrome, plus a solid chrome fork.

If you’re riding fixed, or commuting, the 2011 Pista Classica frameset will be a hit. Retail price has not been announced, but will release in March 2011.

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2011 Bianchi Pista Steel

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Bianchi Pista Steel

2011 bianchi pista steel   2011 Bianchi Pista Steel

The Bianchi Pista, one of the most popular fixed gear bikes on the market, will return as the Pista Steel once again for 2011.

The 2011 Bianchi Pista Steel is much the same bike as it was last year. The only big change is in the the color options offered for 2011: black/cream and white/gray.

Going the “retro” route, the Bianchi 2011 Pista Steel lives true to its name, as the frame is built from steel. Featuring FSA crankset, Shimano SS sprocket, RC drop bars, and a Alex track wheelset, the Bianchi Pista Steel is quite the bike.

Available very soon, if not already, to US markets. MSRP is $729.

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2011 Bianchi Tipo Corsa Frameset

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Bianchi Tipo Corsa Frameset

2011 bianchi tipo corsa frameset   2011 Bianchi Tipo Corsa Frameset

Italian bicycle manufacturer, Bianchi, will re-release the Tipo Corsa Frameset for 2011.

The 2011 Bianchi Tipo Corsa, also known as the “Race Type”, is definitely a retro model, using the ever popular Celeste green and chrome throughout its steel frame.

The forks you see with the 2011 Bianchi Tipo Corsa will be all chrome just like the Pista Classica. Braze-ons have been added for downtube shifters–another classic addition.

As of now, a retail price has not been announced on the 2011 Bianchi Tipo Corsa frameset. Available March 2011.

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2011 Bianchi Vigorelli

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Bianchi Vigorelli

2011 bianchi vigorelli   2011 Bianchi Vigorelli

Another addition to the Gran Fondo line is the 2011 Bianchi Vigorelli, which comes packed with a lot of history.

Named after the popular velodrome in Milan, the Bianchi 2011 Vigorelli is your all purpose bike that really shines in the commuting department.

Featuring Reynolds 631 tubing, carbon fork, Shimano 105 drivetrain with 10 speed shifters, the bike will be available at authorized dealers for MSRP $1,699.

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2011 Bianchi Volpe

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Bianchi Volpe

2011 bianchi volpe   2011 Bianchi Volpe

Known as the “all purpose” bike, the 2011 Bianchi Volpe can be used for entry level cyclocross racing, touring, and commuting.

The Bianchi 2011 Volpe is a part of the Gran Fondo series, which consists of classic bikes made of steel.

History for the Volpe dates back years, but despite its roots the 2011 model contains a mixture of Shimano, SRAM and Sugino drivetrain, and other modern components from WTB, Kalloy, Velo, and Cane Creek.

The 2011 Bianchi Volpe is basically the same release from the past 5 years, and will release in cream.

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2011 Bianchi Super Pista

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Bianchi Super Pista

2011 bianchi super pista 1   2011 Bianchi Super Pista

Displayed in a a beautiful blue, white and carbon at InterBike is the 2011 Bianchi Super Pista.

If you compare the 2011 Bianchi Super Pista to the 2010 Pista Concept (which has been discontinued, according to Bianchi), the 2011 Super Pista beats its last year’s counterpart in size and strength.

Two colorways of the Bianchi 2011 Super Pista will be offered: blue, white and carbon (shown) and solid Celeste green (with carbon highlights). Available now at retailers as a frameset only.

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Bianchi 2011 Campione

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Bianchi 2011 Campione

2011 bianchi campione   Bianchi 2011 Campione

Companies continue to add more retro specific road bikes to their lines, some for urban commuting or just classic road bikes. Another addition is the Bianchi 2011 Campione.

Some may say the 2011 Bianchi Campione is a little too old school with the shifters placed on the bottom tube, but for those riding an older bike and want to upgrade, the 2011 Compione is a perfect match.

The frame and forks on the Bianchi Campione feature chromoly steel, and the forks are straight blade (wish they were lugged). Other components are Shimano shifters, Bianchi Reparto Corse brakes, FSA Temp crankset, and Shimano 8 speed cassette. Releasing in metallic black.

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