pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 SmartWool Betasso Shorts

2011 smartwool betasso shorts   2011 SmartWool Betasso Shorts

A rugged yet comfortable pair of shorts such as the SmartWool Betasso is ideal for riding. While the shorts look like a normal pair of baggy shorts, they move smoothly providing the wearer comfort during tough rides. The materials used in the shorts are extremely durable yet stretchy for extra conformability.

Included in its special design are a combination of polyester outer short, and SmartWool inner short, and nylon blend. Two strong strap mounted snaps connects the outer and inner short together to avoid having the shorts flopping.

On the other hand, the zippered fly of the 2011 SmartWool Betasso Shorts can be a downside. This zippered fly can be too short for other riders causing a hassle when nature calls. Moreover, it is not easy to disconnect the front buckle webbing, adding to the hassle.

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