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2012 Trek Belleville Urban Bike

2012 trek belleville urban bike   2012 Trek Belleville Urban Bike

A unique item among the new lineup of machines released by Trek Bikes for 2012 is a new good-looking urban bike called Belleville. Vintage-inspired, this three-speed machine comes with an internal gear drivetrain, porteur-style front rack, and dynamo hub and lights.

Hidden inside the Shimano Nexus rear hub are three speeds while inside the front hub is a 6v dynamo. Along with its steel frame, which features maximum comfort and durability, are some rider-friendly features, such as the dynamo-powered lights and full-coverage fenders.

Riding the 2012 Trek Belleville Urban Bike is a great way to elegantly get to the city. While the entire build is modern, the design is somewhere between a Dutch-style urban bike and an old-fashioned tourer. Also, its price is quite reasonable for an awesome mix of comfort and style. …

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Trek 2011 Eco Design: Belleville, Atwood

trek 2011 eco design belleville atwood   Trek 2011 Eco Design: Belleville, Atwood

Trek now gives us a fresh eco-friendly concept. Trek presents their Eco-Designed bikes in its birth, life, and afterlife stages, which are the Trek Belleville, Belleville WSD, Atwood and Atwood WSD.

Designed from front to back, the Belleville and Belleville WSD is said to reduce environmental impact. Its made from steel front and rear racks. A generator lights was used on the two models to avoid wasteful batteries and its tires are from regrind and sustainable harvest rubber.

Also featured on the Belleville and Belleville WSD is a Chromoly steel city design, which uses a fork of high tensile steel with rack mounts. With a Shimano Nexus 3-speed rear hub, dynamo front hub, alloy 36-hole rims for its wheelset, Bontrager Nebula Eco Design and steel designs for the seat post, handlebars and stem, the bikes are well built the city commuter.

Belleville comes in five sizes while Belleville WSD in two.


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