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Soma Fabrications Crane Suzu Lever Strike Brass Bicycle Bell

soma fabrications crane suzu lever strike brass bicycle bell   Soma Fabrications Crane Suzu Lever Strike Brass Bicycle BellTo ride any bike without a proper bell can put your safety at so much risk. It is like riding a train without the rails. One of the best bike bells you can find in the market would be the Soma Fabrications Crane Suzu Lever Strike Brass Bicycle Bell.

You will find that many of the traveling individuals who are off to work or school choose to use the bike to get to their destinations instead since gasoline prices are still on a hike. Also, with more and more people traveling by car, the streets are always prone to experience heavy traffic which can cause too many delays in your schedule.

The Soma Fabrications Crane Suzu Lever Strike Brass Bicycle Bell is seen as nothing less than beautiful by almost every reviewer online. In fact, even music experts who have heard its ring agree that it brings out a…

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Bell Volt Helmet

bell volt helmet   Bell Volt Helmet

Bell Volt Helmet angular shape design stands out over the others due to the carbon fibre reinforced EPS foam and Fusion In-mold process. That allows the deep vents in the design possible. 22 are located around the lid with 11 at front and all this allows air to move freely in and out and keep the rider cool when its hot.

This helmet designed that Bell recently released last year remains to be the lightest and has the most updated features of the company’s line of helmets. It, in the riders’ perspective, is one of the best fits and simplest but advanced retention system. Although, losing the extra weight could probably make its price appropriate.

The helmet is claimed to be 280g in weight and is not the lightest one around but still it is fairly light and comfortable. the fit fills in the disadvantage of extra weight. The Twin Axis Gear as Bell calls it…

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Bell Meteor II Time Trial Helmet

bell meteor ii time trial helmet   Bell Meteor II Time Trial Helmet

Bell continues its legacy to provide safety and excellent performance in all its products with the Meteor II helmet. Ideal for time trials, this helmet is widely used in the Olympic games as well as in the Tour de France.

The Meteor II helmet features InMold Construction and has an aerodynamic microshell. The product fuses aerodynamic benefits and quality impact absorption features. The helmet underwent wind-tunnel testing to ensure efficiency.

Lined with EPS foam to protect you from any crash collision, the Meteor II has ten vents to enhance airflow and ventilation. The helmet was designed with close-fitted lobes to cover your ears and achieve clean sweeping airflow at its sides.

Bell’s Meteor II uses the cam-lock strap levers to make adjusting of the helmet easy to do. You only need to lift the cam then adjust to the right fit for you then close to keep it in place.

The colors available are…

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Bell Drop Helmet 2010

bell drop helmet 2010   Bell Drop Helmet 2010

The bicycle helmet manufacture Bell is rolling out its Drop helmet with more style for 2010. Available in five graphic designs, the Bell Drop helmet is preferred by BMX, freeride, and downhill riders. The Drop features a fully adjustable Flying Bridge Visor, comes equipped with seven ventilation slots, and carries a fair weight of 37 oz./1048g. Sizes are made available in small, medium, and large. Bell’s Drop helmet retails at a competitive price, $130. Not a bad price for protecting your dome piece.

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Bell Sequence Cycling Helmet

bell sequence cycling helmet   Bell Sequence Cycling Helmet

The Bell Sequence Cycling Helmet is built specifically for cross-country, mountain, and trail use. It features a painted VPV 15-degree adjustable visor and an in-mold with extended full coverage around the helmet’s rear. The TAG, or Twin Access Gear fit system, keeps the Bell Sequence Cycling Helmet securely in place for maximum safety and protection. The Bell Sequence Cycling Helmet meets CE EN178 certification. Purchase it at Wiggle for $119.50….

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Bell x Paul Frank Faction and Fraction Helmets

bell paul frank faction fraction helmets 1   Bell x Paul Frank Faction and Fraction Helmets

Bell Sports has recently teamed up with the famous Paul Frank brand for some cool new helmets, the Faction and Fraction. The helmets are universally sized, and feature Paul Frank’s signature, Julius the Monkey. The Faction was originally released to be a dirt jump slash trail helmet, but has gained popularity from riders of all different styles and terrain. The Fraction, a smaller version of the Faction made for kids, was recently released. Both helmets are certified by the CPSC and CE1078 bicycle standards, and the ASTM 1492 skate standard. The helmets feature a durable ABS plastic hard shell, dual density EPS foam, printed interior pads, coordinated strap webbing, and color-matched buckles. The Bell Paul Frank Faction and Fraction both retail for $40.

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