2011 bell arella urban sport helmet   2011 Bell Arella Urban Sport Helmet

Compared to other helmets of the same price, the 2011 Bell Arella Urban Sport is considered to be one of the most innovative ones. Its awesome styling and features make this fairly lightweight helmet perfect for urban cyclists, recreational riders and commuters.

Integrated into the nylon web of the helmet at the rear are flashing red lights that make the helmet aesthetically appealing. Unless the rider is wearing gloves, these red lights are easy to switch on and off. For replacement, the batteries are easy to get as well.

On the other hand, if the rider is wearing a high-necked jacket or top, the lights are not readily visible. For more visibility, a safety feature is added to the 2011 Bell Arella Urban Sport Helmet backed up by a light bracket positioned higher up on the cranium.

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