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2011 Gore Bike Wear Power Beanie

2011 gore bike wear power beanie   2011 Gore Bike Wear Power Beanie

Gore Bike Wear created an all-around bike commuting kit item called Power Beanie for 2011. This versatile function provided by the cinch cord allows the rider to wear it as a scarf or a hat. Either way, its easy and simple stow-and-go size keeps it readily available in pack fulltime during the cold season.

For ventilation once set out, the head-top hole of the beanie can be adjusted. The wind-blocking warmth provided by WindStopper Soft Shell fabric is versatile. During cold rides, the rider just needs to close the hole snug. But when warming up, the hole must be slightly opened.

For a better riding experience, the 2011 Gore Bike Wear Power Beanie keeps the riders’ ears warm and head vented at all times. Not only is this one-size-fit-all beanie comfortable to wear. It is well-constructed as well so it stays intact even after weeks of daily commuting…

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The North Face Ladies Pom Pom Beanie

the north face ladies pom pom beanie   The North Face Ladies Pom Pom Beanie

Ladies, keep your head warm this winter with The North Face Ladies Pom Pom Beanie. One-size-fits-all, and is made with a combination of 50% acrylic and 50% wool for maximum warmth. A micro-fleece ear band ensures comfort during the cold winter months. It features a classic, retro look to it, keeping fashion in mind along with performance. You can purchase The North Face Ladies Pom Pom Beanie at Wiggle for $25.20….

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Specialized Beanie

specialized beanie   Specialized Beanie

A regular cap won’t keep your head and ears warm during these warm winter months. For that job, you need a beanie. The Specialized Beanie is black, knitted to keep in the warmth while maintaining a nice, clean style. It also features a bill in the front, with a red Specialized “S” logo tag in the front. You can purchase the Specialized Beanie and keep your head warm for $25 at the Specialized online shop….

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