pinit fg en rect gray 20   BarBra   Keeping Cyclists Warm During the Winters

barbra keeping cyclists warm during winters   BarBra   Keeping Cyclists Warm During the Winters

Hamish Greenland, a cyclists that is tortured by the cold weather in Toronto came up with a idea to keep your hands and wrists warm, while keeping your handlebars and brake levers dry. The result is known as the BarBra, which easily slips over your handlebars, fastens with Velcro straps, while reflective stripes are wrapped around making sure you are safe. Some might find this product “a bit much”, due to the fact you can simply wear gloves to avoid the cold, but as you know sometimes it is harder to shift with larger gloves. The BarBra also deflects wind, so now you can wear thinner gloves and still keep your hands warm. Retail price is $29.

Source: Treehugger

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