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Osprey Viper 4 Hydration Pack

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Osprey Viper 4 Hydration Pack

osprey viper 4 hydration pack 200x300   Osprey Viper 4 Hydration PackOsprey adds new packs to its Hydraulics line, the Viper (for men) and the Verve (for women). The Osprey Viper 4 will soon be out on 2011. It weighs 420 grams without its reservoir and can carry a capacity from 4 to 13 liters.

The Osprey Viper 4 will turn heads with its soft on the back feel yet durable and sturdy exterior. It features Osprey’s Lid Lock system so you attach your helmet on the bag easily. It has several straps to keep the Viper 4 in place on your shoulders and even has a gel pocket on the strap which you can place your mobile phone.

The new hydration pack has a thin waist strap, top tensions and a shock corded accessory patch. It has a small zip pocket while the main compartment will be shared by your things and the reservoir.

The back portion of the Viper 4 has…

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Rapha Large Backpack

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Rapha Large Backpack

rapha large backpack   Rapha Large Backpack

First released was the Rapha backpack, and since then they are back but in a larger size for those long commutes and hauling your goods. Same design and fabrics as its predecessor, the Rapha Large Backpack adds additional features that the original size does not have.

When constructing the large Rapha backpack, they made sure it was lightweight even with the increase size (17 liters, compared to the regular 11). A fold out compartment was added that holds up to 5 liters, and can hold a pair of shoes.

The main pack fabric is tough and waterproof, and since it is black, Rapha added reflective pin dots to be seen riding at night. Added for additional safety is light loops on the straps and rear panel.

Comfort is what all us cyclists enjoy, and the padding in the rear of the backpack will follow the curve of your…

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Vaude Releases Cycling Hydration Backpacks & Gloves

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Vaude Releases Cycling Hydration Backpacks & Gloves

vaude releases cycling hydration backpacks gloves   Vaude Releases Cycling Hydration Backpacks & Gloves

When you hear the name Vaude what comes to mind is outdoor backpacking items, but you can add cycling specific backpacks and gloves to the roster. The new Vaude Cycling Hydration Backpacks and Gloves include the Hyper Air 14+3 backpack, using Aero Flex panel and Floating Length Adjustable Shoulder Harness known as Flash, helmet holder chest straps dipped in a bright yellow. Northshore is specifically designed for all mountain and freeriders with all the straps in place and MP3 pocket, and last but not least is the Trail light 9, a light backpack weighing only 440 grams for cyclist riding long distances.

Two of the Vaude cycling gloves Parkride and Elite. The Vaude Parkride glove uses gel padding, silicone prints, and integrated stretch creases, while this is a full finger glove. Elite is designed for longer rides and those that want to take stress…

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Mission Workshop Vandal Cargo Backpack

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Mission Workshop Vandal Cargo Backpack

mission workshop vandal cargo backpack   Mission Workshop Vandal Cargo Backpack

Needing a new backpack to haul a lot of cargo around? Mission Workshop has released the new Vandal Cargo Backpack which is tailored toward bike messengers and fixie riders. Available in green, silver, black or charcoal, the Mission Workshop Vandal Cargo Backpack can carry more than your average paper work, in fact in this picture you can see a bike being lugged around. Waterproof and made out of urethane coated nylon fabric and breathable mesh. Retail price is $225.

Source: Pedal Consumption

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