pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Eastern Axis BMX Bike

2011 eastern axis bmx bike   2011 Eastern Axis BMX Bike

A professional-grade BMX bike, the 2011 Eastern Axis is made with the bigger or more experienced riders in mind. This BMX bike also features a long top tube for taller riders. With a nice and light build, the Axis is easy to get up in the air and uphill.

With its amazing strength, the Axis can take a lot of abuse without distorting the rims or the frame. For freestyling, the bike is maneuverable enough and guarantees a comfortable ride both on the trail and on streets. Aesthetically, the bike’s paint is classy and eye-catching.

Finest components make the 2011 Eastern Axis BMX Bike a top-tier unit. These reliable parts include a low-boy seatpost clamp, which allows for a shorter seatpost. Thanks to its wide bottom bracket, strength is increased making unwanted spaces and replacement brake mounts not necessary.

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