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Planet X takes over Titus

planet x takes over titus   Planet X takes over Titus

UK based bike manufacturer Planet X bought the recently foreclosed Titus Cycles and all its assets from Factors Southwest. Planet X was one of the bidders at the two rounds of public auction Factors Southwest facilitated. The concluding bid was on November 23, with Planet X being awarded of the assets.

Due to numerous factors, Titus Cycles failed to keep up loan payments due to Factors Southwest. Planet X takes over whatever inventory left and other details like patents and tech from Titus Cycles.

Currently, Planet X offers street bikes and sells mountain bikes under the On One brand. Titus Cycles’ founder, Chris Cocalis, left in 2007 to start a new company, Pivot Cycles. The latest offering from Titus was the Rockstar 29er….

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Team Jelly Belly Training Camp Auctioned for Charity

team jelly belly training camp auctioned for charity   Team Jelly Belly Training Camp Auctioned for Charity

The good folks at Jelly Belly Cycling have donated a training camp via auction that will help raise money for Kimberlee’s Bikes for Kids. The winning bidder will have the opportunity to both meet and ride with the Jelly Belly cycling team this winter in California. The auction will take place on eBay on January 11th. “Danny Van Haute and Jelly Belly Cycling have been very generous with their training camp donation,” says Dan Gindling, the president of Kimberlee’s Bikes for Kids. “For every $50 we raise we can supply an underprivileged child with a brand new bike, helmet and lock. Our goal next year is to put 1,000 kids on bikes and the Jelly Belly donation will go a long way in helping us reach our goal,” he adds. The teams other sponsors will also be donating products to the winning bidder….

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Danny Macaskill Street Trials Bike Auction

Danny MacAskill was made famous by placing his extreme stunts on Youtube, and from their his legacy started. One of his Street Trials Bike is up for auction on eBay to benefit BBC Children in Need. The video where the specific bike is up for auction has well over 12 million views on Youtube, and has even led Danny a commercial deal. The auction is live at eBay now, and ends November 27th 2009.

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It’s About The Bike: A Livestrong Auction Ending Prices

its about the bike livestrong auction ending prices   Its About The Bike: A Livestrong Auction Ending Prices

Many have talked about it, pictures were taken, but finally November 1st is here and at 7 PM in New York a special auction took place at Sotheby’s for the LIVESTRONG Foundation. For those of you that don’t know, 7 Trek model bikes designed by different artists went up for auction, allowing private bidders to have a one of a kind bike. The outcome, LIVESTRONG foundation raised 1.3 million dollars, with the Damien Hirst Madone going for $500,000 alone. Trek bikes used were the Madone, Speed Concept, and Equinox TTX. Below you can see each bike and the ending price.

Damien Hirst Trek Madone
Ending Price: $500,000

Kenny Scharf Trek Equinox TT
Ending Price: $45,000

Yoshitomo Nara Trek Speed Concept
Ending Price: $200,000

Shepard Fairey Trek Madone
Ending Price: $110,000.00

Kaws Trek Madone
Ending Price: $160,000.00

Marc Newsone Speed Concept
Ending Price: $110,000.00

California 1274 Stolen Bike Speed Concept
Ending Price: $130,000.00…

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