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2011 Assos climaJet Breaker

2011 assos climajet breaker   2011 Assos climaJet Breaker

With a new, more contoured pattern design, the 2011 Assos climaJet Breaker is made to become more lightweight and compact than ever before. As the name implies, the climaJet is a top-quality cycling-specific wind and rain breaker suited for training or racing in changing weather conditions.

Another innovation to the climaJet is the fabric design made more resistant to wear and tear. Upon contact with water, the active membrane of the fabric enlarges and offers improved rain protection when necessary. On the sides, air vents provide efficient cooling and evaporation.

Through the Assos Easy Entry System construction, the zipper closing of the 2011 Assos climaJet Breaker is made faster and more secure. The jacket also features a padded neck line for more comfort and reflective stripes in the back for better visibility.

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2011 Assos Roubaix Legwarmers

2011 assos roubaix legwarmers 2   2011 Assos Roubaix Legwarmers

Cold weather might bring others down but then again, you don’t have to feel that cold with the help of the 2011 Assos Robaix Legwarmers.

These are perfect for outdoor rides in temperatures that range anywhere from the 40 to 60 degrees. These legwarmers from Assos definitely sets the standard for added warmth, protection and comfort.

Portability is another concern for cycling enthusiasts, especially since legwarmers are sometimes cumbersome to lug around during bike trips. The Roubaix legwarmers, however, are quite the opposite. They can be easily folded into a jersey pocket if the trip suddenly takes a warmer turn.

The Assos Roubaix legwarmers are available in two sizes that can be used for all body types and is currently priced at $76.

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2011 Assos Airjack 851 Cycling Jacket

2011 assos airjack 851 cycling jacket   2011 Assos Airjack 851 Cycling Jacket

Designed for winter rides, the Assos Airjack 851 cycling jacket can tackle temperatures that range from 32-47 degrees. Aside from outstanding thermal protection down to freezing conditions, the Airjack 851 also provides total wind protection.

To protect riders even from the most frigid breezes, the jackets fabric is strategically distribute at the collar, chest, and fronts of the arms. With its outstanding windproofness, the Assos Airjack allows riders to ride on without feeling the air seep through and hit skin.

When in riding position, riders can get rid of excess material on the sleeves and chest with the AEPD II design of the Airjack 851 jacket. Though it carries less volume, the Airjack does not compromise the riders’ freedom of movement. To conform to the rider’s movement, Airblock 851 4-way stretch fabric is used.

Additional features of the cycling jacket are a zippered rear pocket and reflective accents for safety.

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Assos Early Winter 851 Winter Cycling Gloves

assos early winter 851 winter cycling gloves   Assos Early Winter 851 Winter Cycling Gloves

As the name might imply, the Assos Early Winter 851 Winter Cycling Gloves are especially suited to colder weather. They are lightweight, made with Airblock 851 fabric which gives great thermal insulation. They also offer freedom of movement with their anatomical pattern design. Intelligent road-shock absorbing inlets help make for a smooth ride. You can purchase the Assos Early Winter 851 Winter Cycling Gloves at Wiggle for $97.98….

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