pinit fg en rect gray 20   Hyper Assault Expert XL Frame

hyper assault expert xl frame   Hyper Assault Expert XL Frame

While it might sound like a robot from a Japanese anime, the Hyper Assault Expert XL Frame is actually a good sturdy bike frame.

It’s got all of the things a city bike enthusiast would look for in a bike and can also be used and relied upon on BMX attacks.

So what exactly are we looking at and what are some of the specs for this visually striking frameset? For starters, this frameset has a recommended rider height of 5’4” – 5’6” as well as a chainstay length of 13 to 14.25.

The bike’s headtube is also angled at approximately 73 degrees while the seat is angled at 72. This frameset also offers a 1″ head tube and works extremely well with 1 1/8th wheel sizes.

This frameset from Hyper has a price tag of $249.99 and is available online through Hyper’s online store….

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