pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Argon18 Gallium Road Frame

2012 argon18 gallium road frame   2012 Argon18 Gallium Road Frame

One of the new road frames for 2012 is the Argon18 Gallium. Rather than the customary 70mm drop, sitting 75mm underneath the hub axle centerline is an integrated lower bottom bracket shell. This lower bottom bracket shell, which is the major change in the frame, offers two advantages.

When climbing and descending, the rider enjoys a hassle-free bike handling. On steep uphill paths where accelerations are hard, there is no need lift the front wheel due to the enhanced vertical distribution of the down tube. Wheels are kept in contact with the road on descents, too.

In the front triangle, lateral rigidity is enhanced by the lower BB86 bottom bracket shell of the 2012 Argon18 Gallium Road Frame that makes the head tube shorter. This, in turn, allows for greater efficiency in accelerations as well as steering made more accurate.

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