pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 HED Ardennes FR Clincher Wheelset

2012 hed ardennes fr clincher wheelset   2012 HED Ardennes FR Clincher Wheelset

One of the wheelsets offering great performance is the 23mm-wide clincher wheelset called Ardennes FR, which was released by Steve Hed for 2012. The FR in its name stands for Flamme Rouge, which is the top-shelf designation of Hed.

Aluminum-rimmed, the Ardennes FR is a lightweight wheelset that offers incredible speed and strength. With this wheelset, gripping the road is significantly better for any tire. A body option allows riders to choose between a Shimano/SRAM-spline and Campagnolo-spline cassette.

In the alloy wheel category, the 2012 HED Ardennes FR Clincher Wheelset is definitely one of the favorite picks. The stallion build of the wheelset makes it ideal for cyclists who weigh between 87 to 102kg. Also, the skewer and ratchet ring of the wheels are titanium.

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