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USADA’s First Quarter Doping Stats

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usadas first quarter doping stats 300x130   USADAs First Quarter Doping StatsThe results are in for the first quarter of 2010. The U.S. Anti-Doping Agency releases its report on tests made and a number of violations per sport. Out of the 1,868 doping control tests, a total of seven violations were gathered. Out of the seven, three were taken from non-analytical positives, one was found for a stimulant, another was found for an anabolic agent, one more for both (anabolic and stimulant) agents and lastly, one positive for marijuana.

In the cycling scene, only David Clinger was caught while the rest were mostly from the track & field sport. Clinger was sentenced to a two-year ban after having tested for synthetic testosterone and modafinil.

Val Barnwell, a Masters track & field athlete, was also caught positive with testosterone prohormones. This is indicative that testing for doping should not be limited to Elite levels alone.

On the report, it is interesting to note that…

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A Clean Victory for Basso

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a clean victory for basso 300x188   A Clean Victory for BassoIvan Basso elated his fans with his stunning win yesterday on one of the most rugged mountains in cycling, the Monte Zoncolan. However it did raise some doubts due to a doping suspension he served. He was involved in Operacion Puerto and was never been the same since then.

Basso promised to be clean in all ethical manners and trained with Aldo Sassi. He claimed that his victory was in good faith and all in guts, sweat and skill.

He said, “My hematocrit values, training mileage, the cols that I’ve climbed, everything is easy to check,” while showing his readings on line since he made his comeback and added, “I follow the strict line of the team, and that line is also my own.”

Sassi who is suffering from a brain tumor assured that his riders Cadel Evans and Ivan Basso are riding clean in the race. He declared, “Cycling has improved a…

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Giro d’Italia with Tighter Anti-Doping Noose

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giro ditalia with tighter anti doping noose 300x212   Giro dItalia with Tighter Anti Doping NooseOrganizers for the Giro d’Italia declares that anti-doping controls for this year’s race will be the most intensive in cycling history. With a series of doping scandals on Italian shores, Angelo Zomegnan, race director, takes the stand to bring back the glory of the Giro as well as to ensure the health of riders are top priority.

Last year’s two top finishers, Danilo Di Luca and Franco Pellizotti were charged in connection with doping cases. Zomegnan shares that the number of anti-doping tests will number more than the 481 tests processed last year.

Independent international observers will be eyeing the conduction of all tests. The Giro is depending on Europe’s WADA certified laboratories, those in Rome, Lausanne, Switzerland, Cologne, Germany and the French national lab at Chatenay-Malabry due to the alarming number of tests.

All teams participating are required to submit samples of 15 riders prior to Saturday’s kick off in…

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New Manager Spearheads Anti-doping with Zeal

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new manager spearheads anti doping with zeal 300x199   New Manager Spearheads Anti doping with ZealThe new anti-doping manager of the International Cycling Union, Francesca Rossi sees more cases of doping under the biological passport program. However, she believes that the system is progressing and is looking forward to a rapid resolution of cases in the future.

Rossi informed the Associated Press, “We will have new cases but I can’t say to you the timing. We are continuously testing (riders) and involving our experts. When, statistically, the case is solid we can proceed.”

Rossi took over the place vacated by Anne Gripper as head of the UCI’s anti-doping section last February. Cases are soon to be opened this week as UCI has filed charges against Franco Pellizotti, Tadej Valjavec and Jesus Rosendo Prado. “It’s the beginning of the story,” Rossi explained. “I am sure that in time the procedure is improving and we are going to be faster when we have a case.”

Rossi, at her previous job…

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Dan Fleeman Will Be Publishing Blood Levels Throughout the Season

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dan fleeman will publish blood levels throughout the season   Dan Fleeman Will Be Publishing Blood Levels Throughout the Season

Dan Fleeman, British hill climb champion, will be posting samples of his blood regularly throughout the 2010 season, even though he does not have to. He is also paying for the testing out of his own pocket, just to show that he is committed to anti-doping in the sport. The data will be published on the Website “I had a difficult season at Cervélo. My results weren’t as good as I would have liked but I’m training hard for 2010 and very motivated to prove myself in Team Raleigh. With the unfortunate distrust there is within the sport, if I have a great season, some small minded people will point the finger saying that as I’m no longer part of the bio-passport, the temptation to dope may be there. I wish to show that, as I have done throughout my career, an athlete can…

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