2012 zoic ambrosia cycling jersey for women   2012 Zoic Ambrosia Cycling Jersey for Women

For 2012, Zoic has released some new clothes for men and women riders. These new cycling clothes perfectly combined excellent technical features with amazing aesthetics. For women, Zoic has crafted a cool and stylish cycling jersey called Ambrosia.

Featured by the Ambrosia are some helpful pockets that make riding more convenient. It has a chest pocket, a front hand warmer pocket, as well as a back pocket that comes with s size zip entry along the seam. Headphones are well accommodated by the cable port.
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The 2012 Zoic Ambrosia Cycling Jersey for Women is ideal for women riders who want to be make a fashion statement while cycling. A carefully designed half zip nylon/spandex top, the Ambrosia jersey works great for cycling as it does for running.

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