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2012 Lezyne Alloy Dirt Floor Drive Pump

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Lezyne Alloy Dirt Floor Drive Pump

2012 lezyne alloy dirt floor drive pump   2012 Lezyne Alloy Dirt Floor Drive Pump

For mountain bike riders who are looking for a precision high-volume floor pump for their tires, the new Lezyne Alloy Dirt Floor Drive Pump has been released for 2012. This durable and stylish pump is built with a steel piston and CNC-machined aluminum barrel and base.

For comfort, online casino the high-volume floor pump has a varnished wood handle that features an oversized contoured grip. The air flow per stroke is doubled by its oversized piston, barrel, connectors, and hose, which allows for an easy filling and placing of the tire beads on tubeless tire systems.

Perfect for mountain bike tires is the new 2012 Lezyne Alloy Dirt Floor Drive Pump. This pump is strong enough to inflate tubeless tires and is Presta and Schrader valve compatible. Quick valve engagement is delivered by the Speed Chuck adaptor and ABS Flip-Thread Chuck combination called Slip-Fit System.

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2012 Velocity Alloy Rims

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Velocity Alloy Rims

2012 velocity alloy rims   2012 Velocity Alloy Rims
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Velocity, along with its founder Tom Black, is moving from Australia to Florida in 2012. This move makes history as Velocity becomes the only alloy rim built in the United States. In 2011, Velocity is still currently making its rims in Australia but it will stop its production in Brisbane before the year ends.

But starting in February, 2012, Velocity will make alloy rims in Jacksonville, Florida. As the only aluminum rims in the cycling industry that are U.S. produced, these rims are expected to be engineered with state-of-the-art quality to meet the demands of riders not only in the US but worldwide, as well.

It is foreseen that the 2012 Velocity Alloy Rims will not only become a pioneer of such cycling products in the US. More importantly, it is the objective of the company to become a leader in terms of quality, creativity, and customization,…

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2012 GT Fury Alloy

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 GT Fury Alloy

2012 gt fury alloy   2012 GT Fury Alloy

GT will offer an alloy version of its Fury Carbon downhill bike for 2012. With the aim to bring more people into gravity riding and racing, GT has created The Fury as a performance driven bike and that applies to both the carbon and alloy models.

The geometry and suspension design of the Fury carbon and alloy bikes are exactly the same. Starting the Ruckus 7 frame, the allow model adopts the carbon geometry and 210mm of suspension travel. The gussets of the proprietary 6000-series monocoque alloy front end are larger than that of a freeride bike.

Adjustable rebound is offered Marzocchi’s basic 888 and Rocco R fork and damper while braking is handled by Avid’s Elixir 3s with 200mm rotors. Aside from its alloy frame, new cold forged pivot block assembly, and lower price, the 2012 GT Fury Alloy is just a duplicate of the original carbon model.

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2011 Lezyne Alloy Drive CFH Pump

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Lezyne Alloy Drive CFH Pump

2011 lezyne alloy drive cfh pump   2011 Lezyne Alloy Drive CFH Pump

Lezyne has released its new Alloy Drive CFH Pump for 2011. This is made for riders who are looking for the smartest solution to a flat tire. By using Flex Hose attachment, which the company has tried and tested, this pump is certainly reliable and innovative.

While CO2 canisters are ideal for saving time when deflation occurs during endurance mountain biking, be it a stage race, a whole day race, or a 24-hour marathon in the hills, carrying a pump is still necessary. However, carrying both can be a hassle during racing.

Thanks to the 2011 Lezyne Alloy Drive CFH Pump, racers do not have to carry both CO2 canisters and a pump. With its exacting standards, Lezyne designed its pump and the mount with a nicely machined aluminum barrel and handle making pumping tires as effortless as possible.

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