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2012 All-City Macho Man Cyclocross Bike

2012 all city macho man cyclocross bike   2012 All City Macho Man Cyclocross Bike

For 2012, All-City Cycles has launched a new cyclocross bike called Macho Man, which is made from a straight-bladed fork and proven geometry. Triple top tube cable guide replaces the All-City standard internal brake cable routing to allow the Shimano’s new top pull CX70 front derailleur to be used.

Major features of Macho Man include hidden fender mounts, reinforced bottle bosses, and the standard All-City head tube badge. In the rear of this cyclocross bike is the all-new All-City signature vertical dropouts, which feature excellent visual and functional traits.

Designed with a classic and clever style, the 2012 All-City Macho Man Cyclocross Bike is one of the best-looking machines on the cyclocross market today. Other cyclocross specific features of the bike includes its 35c Continental cross tires, FSA Gossamer crank, and CX70 front derailleur.

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2012 All-City Space Horse Rugged Road Bike

2012 all city space horse rugged road bike   2012 All City Space Horse Rugged Road Bike

For those who are looking for a unique cycling machine, a new rugged road bike named Space Horse has been released by All-City Cycles. This machine is provided with a cantis, rack, and fender so it is guaranteed to be versatile, as well.

According to All-City, the Space Horse is designed to be a lightweight road bike that carries small cargos and travels with amazing speed. Hence, the bike is categorized neither as an all-out road bike nor a tour bike; rather, this bike is somewhere in between.

Not only is the 2012 All-City Space Horse Rugged Road Bike speedy and good-looking, it is proven to be terrain friendly as well. As a complete bike, the Space Horse will be available in nice orange while as a frameset, it will be available in blue.

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All-City New Sheriff Hubs

all city new sheriff hubs 300x250   All City New Sheriff HubsAll-City releases its New Sheriff hubs in colors of black and silver. The hubs were specifically designed to meet the demands of the modern fixed gear rider. Made with 6061 T6 aluminum for the hub shell, it is compatible with gauge spokes 13 through 15. The flange design was based on Campagnolo’s “sheriff start” hubs and allows for a stiffer wheel. This also means lower spoke stress.

The New Sheriff hubs have an oversized axle of 15mm in diameter. With 6902 sealed bearings from Japa, you can be assured it will service you for a long while. You can also modify it with stainless custom mounting with a 15mm box end or 6mm hex.

All-City New Sheriff front hubs weigh 226 grams while the rear hubs weighs 270 grams. For fixed/free, there are 32-hole versions in stock. 36-hole versions are also available for fixed/fixed and fixed/free. For pricing, check out…

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All-City Nature Boy Single Speed Cyclocross Bike

all city nature boy single speed cyclocross bike   All City Nature Boy Single Speed Cyclocross Bike

Just this last weekend, All City had a unveiling of their new single speed Cyclocross Bike, known as the Nature Boy. The All-City Nature Boy Single Speed Cyclocross Bike is named after Minnesota wrestler Ric Flair, a great name for a cyclocross. Using internal cable routing, signature headbadge and dropouts, and will be available in lime green.

For the specifics on the All-City Nature Boy Single Speed Cyclocross Bike, it features 4130 Double Butted Chromoly steel frame, 4130 tapered stays and fork blades, removable canti bosses, fender mounts that are hidden, and a aggressive race geometry. Expected release is late July for the frameset which MSRP is $540. For the complete, reail price is around $850, but not set in stone.

Source: ProllyIsNotProbably

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