alberto contador signs preliminary agreement with astana in 2010   Alberto Contador Signs Preliminary Agreement with Astana in 2010

A preliminary agreement has been met between Austin and professional cyclist Alberto Contador for 2010. The agreement was met after Contador was assured a revamped Astana team by the instatement of Yvon Sanquer as Astana’s new manager and Giuseppe Martinelli playing director sportif. In addition, Contador found a few of Astana’s new cyclists to be promising for the success of Astana.

Keeping his interest first, Contador signed a 1 year contract with Astana. The short agreement between Contador and Astana will allow the 26 year old pro-cyclist to race for Astana with the option of leaving after his term is up.

In order to satisfy the the prelim, Astana will have to retain its ProTour license, obeyed by all code of ethics, and continue with its internal doping control system….

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