pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Fit Bike Co Aitken 1 BMX

2011 fit bike co aitken 1 bmx   2011 Fit Bike Co Aitken 1 BMX

Fit has launched an entry level Mike Aitken Signature bike this 2011. To qualify for the entry-level price range, the cost of the bike has to be kept down. Nevertheless, the bike is still well furnished. This includes sealed Mid BB’s, fully sealed 9t cassette hubs, and an integrated headtube.

Sufficiently kitted out, this 26.75 lbs BMX bike is fully compatible with any after-market product. This allows the riders to have an easy upgrade eventually as their riding advances. Not only does the bike offer excellent performance, its price is also better than its competitors.

Designed to be almost like Mike Aitken’s own bike, the 2011 Fit Bike Co Aitken 1 is definitely a reliable BMX bike. Put together to make the bike competitive is the Odyssey plastic pedals, Tubular three-piece cranks, full 4130 forks, and 7.75″ cromo bars.

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