2011 northwave aerlite s b s cycling shoe   2011 Northwave Aerlite S.B.S. Cycling Shoe

With combined Formula One technology and Italian craftsmanship, the 2011 Northwave Aerlite S.B.S. Cycling Shoe is a stiff, light, and cool competition shoe ideal for road biking. Aerlite S.B.S features an exclusive Aerator System from Northwave that provides vents in the toe that scoops air into the shoe, past the foot and out the rear.

To maximize stiffness, the cycling shoe has a full-length carbon fiber soleplate. For revolutionary comfort and fit, it uses a thermoformed wooden midsole. Riders’ feet are secured by the upper works in a Web Power Cage that goes from arch to instep to heel and locks the feet in with the Step-By-Step S.B.S. micro-adjustable buckle.

Innovative carbon technology gives the 2011 Northwave Aerlite S.B.S. Cycling ultimate stiffness with minimum thickness. With Northwave Aerlite S.B.S., road bike riders will enjoy direct, immediate power transfer for optimum efficiency and acceleration.

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