pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Agu Secco Condom Jacket

2011 agu secco condom jacket   2011 Agu Secco Condom Jacket

Weighing in at only 172g, the 2011 Agu Secco Condom Jacket is a feather light cycling garment for rainy rides. Along with the polyamide or nylon fabric is a microporous Poray 5000 coating, which means the jacket has very small pores so even small droplets cannot pass through.

On the other hand, the pores of the fabric are large enough to let water vapor escape. It does not have any adjustment around the elasticated hem or cuffs, which means air conditioning depends only on the front zip. Visibility is enhanced by extra reflecting prints.

Mid-level waterproof, the 2011 Agu Secco Condom Jacket is highly packable and is tailored with a slim and very cycle-specific cut. While it is not the best garment to wear for winter commuting, this jacket is nice for spring and summer showers.

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