pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 ISM Adamo Road Saddle

2011 ism adamo road saddle   2011 ISM Adamo Road Saddle

Manufactured specifically to support the rider’s weight, the 2011 ISM Adamo Road Saddle offers more comfort and support when in a fast forward position. This is accomplished without restricting blood flow to some quite important body parts.

ISM designed the Adamo to be slightly over 240mm, the UCI saddle minimum length. Split into two forward projections like a fork, the nose of the saddle features a cutout between the forked tips that removes the pressure on the perineal artery.

Measuring 245 x 135mm, the 2011 ISM Adamo Road Saddle has lightweight chromoly steel rails with 75mm flat section that helps achieve a great range of fore and aft adjustment. The saddle is available in black or white.

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